Pear Progress


Four buckets down, one to go. I’m working hard on my pears! Each bucket equals one box that I had of the apples, which were 25 pounds, so this is around 125 pounds of pears. THAT IS A LOT OF PEARS. I am appreciating the Squeezo more all the time.

Meanwhile, I’m already simmering Pecan Pear Butter. It is crazy delicious. I think I’m in love! (I will post the recipe asap, I promise.)


  1. DFW says:

    I love pears & pecans, can’t wait for the recipe. In addition to about 15 other things, you now have me searching for a Squeezo!

  2. lesliedgray says:

    LOL to the previous poster!!! I, too, am on a Squeezo hunt! I bought a Victorio this past year.. just like a Squeezo, but with many plastic parts….ie: CHEAPLY MADE!!!!! I have looked on Amazon and several other places.. We’ll see what i can find… I’ve been wishing there was a Farmer’s Market nearby also.. i want to try the whiskey-raisin apple butter… There is something about simmering good-smelling stuff for a long time on the stove (and seeing bright, filled, home-canned jars in the pantry) that is good for the inside of a person!!

  3. onrushpam says:

    If you want to taste something really good, try some of that pear/pecan butter with pimento cheese on a cracker! You won’t believe how well they go together.

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