Persistent Lil Booger


Several weeks ago, I stacked wood on the back porch in a strategic effort to stop chickens from roosting on the shelves and on top of the wood box. I managed to run them all off, except this one hen.

She’s dedicated. And pooping on top of my wood.

I think this is war.


  1. Joell says:

    Maybe draping a peice of screen will keep her off of the wood, if that doesnt work, ask her if she has a good recipe for fried chicken 😉

  2. DebbieDrake says:

    When my chickens started roosting on the porch eaves instead of going to their coop I started spraying with the water hose to get them off. As soon as I sprayed their feet they would get very insulted, tell me off in chicken swear, fly down and run for the dry safety of home. I had one persistent rooster who would not move in spite of getting drenched through so I just waited until he was almost asleep and then lifted him off the eave with the end of a broom. It took a week but he finally moved on his own.
    I have used the water hose and a small spritzer bottle as a training tool for many animals and even small children. My goats leave the area as soon as they see the hose in my hand, my dog gets off the bed when the spritzer is visible, even the husband responds to the sprayer…POWER in the palm of my hand!!!! I CAN control small parts of the world!

  3. whaledancer says:

    Maybe try draping some aluminum foil over the wood? I don’t know if it would work with chickens, but I’ve had success teaching cats to stay off things that way. They don’t like the sound or the feel of it. If it didn’t work, at least it might keep the poop off the wood.

  4. bonita says:

    dedicated or persistent and obstinate. Seems like there’s always one.

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