Pig in a Poke


Okay, pig in a cat carrier. Sausage and Patty moved down to the meadow bottom pasture yesterday. I’m glad they’re gone–they’d worn out their welcome up here! (Pigs don’t smell good.)


  1. CindyP says:

    For how good they taste, you wouldn’t think they would smell that awful, would ya???

  2. Sandy says:

    Ours are waaayyy over on the other side of the property. :pinkpig: Too bad for the new neighbors that moved in after the pen was built. They say they can’t smell it, but the pigs were young back then.

  3. Wheezay says:

    They stink..but they are cute stinkers. :pinkpig:

  4. B. Ruth says:

    Hey Suz’…..

    Some pigs smell real good…..they sniff out truffles in France..….sorry couldn‘t help it…!

    If your piggy’s are partially free range…with a nice, wallow in a corner…they tend not to squalor up their sleeping area….also a thick bed helps to absorb the odor, then the area won’t stink quite as much. I read the meat tastes much better too, something about less stress. I read about a scientific study being done on swine odor and manure management in Ames, Iowa, very interesting reading if you want to google it…My Grandma always had hogs going to bacon and ham….she gave the hogs plenty of room and there was no better tasting pork like it…she always slopped away from their bedding area too…I have smelled a pig sty and then I have smelled a pig squalor……….

    Dp you remember this little song for kids that goes something like…
    Two little pigs rolled in the mud, squishy, squashy felt so good.
    The farmer took two pigs out. Oink, oink, oink the pigs did shout.
    No little pigs rolled in the mud. they all looked so clean and good….
    The farmer turned his back and then those little pigs rolled in the mud again….

    PS….wonder if we could train piggy’s to sniff out chocolate truffles….here piggy, seweee, seweee pig!

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