Playing Favorites


Favorite present (from 52)–a stainless steel pressure cooker! I’m not one of those women who thinks a “kitchen” present is a horrible thing. You? I was watching the news the other day and they did a list of things men shouldn’t buy women for Christmas and kitchen gadgets was on the no-no list.

In other news, Weston and Morgan each got their own laptop (from their dad). I think that means I’ll never see this girl again. She’ll be on her laptop. (Ross already has his own laptop, by the way, so he didn’t get one.)

In other other news, their enthusiasm for the Santa hats is almost more than I can take.

They just LOVE THEM.

Morgan asked if I would send ALL of my photos (ALL OF THEM) to her email so she could have them on her laptop.

Teenagers are SO FUNNY.


  1. Woodwife says:

    I got nothin’ but kitchen stuff cuz that’s what I wanted.

    I got a slow cooker with a lock down lid and a double decker 9″x13″ insulated pan carrier and a FoodSaver vacuum sealer…Oops not all kitchen stuff I got some sheep skin slippers too!

  2. bonita says:

    My uber complete collection of Le Creuset cookware, now nearing 40 years old, is the most enduring (and at the time endearing) Christmas gifts Santa ever brought!

    May I respectfully suggest that you also email Morgan photos of your homemade cookies, you know, so she remembers her mom bakes cookies!

  3. bonita says:

    oh… and yes, the cookware has far outlasted the relationship!!!

  4. Barbara at AtLast says:

    I would much prefer to have some appliance or kitchen gadget! I’m not at all a jewelry girl or a clotheshorse. This years gifts included a steamcleaning thingamajig with 12 attachments (I can always count on DH to be an overachiever), a WB canner (do it up right now w/ a rack) and a digital scale so when my oldest comes to visit, we can make soap.

  5. judydee says:

    I am truly blessed, as Big Daddy gives both jewelry and kitchen gadgets with equal delight. This years favorite though has to be the antique Dazey churn. It must hold a gallon! This after I had him shake a quart jar with a pint of cream to make butter. Think he’s telling me something?? By the way, he loved the butter!

  6. Diane says:

    Kitchen stuff works when I ask for it. Or tools. Which makes my dh very happy. If he only has to stop at Lowes for Christmas he is thrilled. This years gift was a dremel tool I wanted to do my crafts with. I had one with a battery and the battery never fit right. So I asked for one that I can plug in. He was proud of what he got me. lol. I wanted a toster too with 4 slots. My mom got me that. I was very happy with that too. And bil came though with the neatest little video camera that fits in my pocket. So in my world gadgets are good. lol. I dont get as excted over jewlery, fancy clothing or girly things.

  7. alyce shane says:

    I’m pouting cuz I didn’t get my glass stovetop cook wear! I want an 8 plus quart glass pot for cheese making. He has promised to take me to hit up the after Christmas sales to find it, so it’s all good!

  8. hershiesgirl says:

    One year, after I complained and complained that I could not start my husband’s gas powered chipper and it really cramped my yard working style, he bought me an electric chipper/mulcher.

    It’s pretty close to my favorite gift. The best part though was the looks on the kids faces..they all sat there thinking, “Dad, are so dead.” And then I surprised them by being incredibly excited. Even made them collect tree branches for me so I could try it out!

  9. Lisabeth Olson says:

    Kitchen stuff is awsome, I got a rollaway tool box and love it. Some men know how to shop!

    I would love a small steinless steel pressure cooker and a electric butter churn. The pressure cooker is not important now as I have 3 slow cookers. I NEED the butter churn, but he has to be able to look at it instead of buying one online. Otherwise I would have it also. I make butter and sell it.
    I have a santa hat and wear it because it keeps my head warm. I think they are great and should be worn until worn out. Your three are cute with them. Congrats on the laptops, wonderful gifts.

  10. Chris says:

    Yes – being practical is the new thing!! My new sewing machine will come in handy – can get back to quilting; my husband really listens – we have all the power tools he needs — so now we are starting on the practical things for the kitchen!! You are an inspiration – really want to make the cheese except no place to store it all after its made!!!

  11. texwisgirl says:

    Sounds like you and the kids had a great Christmas – most importantly, all together. Complete with snow and Santa hats. And cookies! 🙂

  12. Gen-IL Homesteader says:

    I’m another one who loves a practical, kitchen gift! One year hubbygot me a Kitchenaid—love it! This year he got me an Aladin oil lamp! Very exciting! I need t sit down and learn about that thing, since I know it’s different to work than a regular oil lamp!

  13. gldno1 says:

    That cooker would have made my hit parade of great gifts too! No surprises in my household after 49 years….I just buy what I want and we call it my Christmas.

  14. lavenderblue says:

    Okay, we all got some really cool gifts. Mine, too, was a laptop, which could explain the hash I seem to be making of these posts. (Pete, don’t go anywhere today, okay? I’m sure I’ll have to call on your tech skills, eventually.) But I must confess to feeling a great deal of envy over judydee’s Dazey butter churn. I have the crock part of a butter churn but it’s missing the crockery lid and the rest of the stuff. I think I’d be a little afraid to use it for fear it was cracked and would leech stuff into the butter. Besides for the size of it I’d need a herd of cows.

    A Dazey is an awesome manageable size. My farmer neighbor from my childhood had one and somehow used it to make cottage cheese. Can’t remember how, though. I was really young. More’s the pity.

    You are lucky, Suzanne, that you have teens with such a sense of humor. My kids make me laugh alot, too. Oh,for thousands of their type ruling the world eventually, instead of the “too cool for their shoes” crowd.

  15. princessvanessa says:

    I had a couple of kitchen items on my “wish list” and got them…I am a happy camper. But the big surprise (and a very pleasant one) was a Kindle3 that my niece and sister went in together on. Being a voracious reader, this is right up my alley.

  16. Urbanite says:

    I love kitchen equipment and tools! For some years after I moved into my own place, I would get gifts of tools for Christmas. Whenever I use a tool from my tool chest, I always remember who gave it to me. I come by my love of tools honestly. My mother was a mechanic at Boeing during World War II and always kept her own set of tools in the kitchen. (My father’s tools were kept in the garage.) It was many years before I realized it isn’t typical to keep an assortment of screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches etc neatly lined up in a kitchen drawer!

  17. Cinderbama says:

    I actually took my husband to see the covered skillet I wanted for Christmas, and that is the main gift I had under the tree from him. It vents and has little pour spouts on either side so you can drain the grease (or liquid) as you cook. I am thrilled with it! He also knows I prefer candles to electricity so I got a lighter and a bunch of candles and he took me to a store to pick out fabric for my quilting. His sister had the good sense to send me a gorgeous cutting board and a big apron. No complaints here!
    As for the Santa hats, I wish more people had that sort of Christmas spirit (I want a pair of those great pants Morgan is wearing).

  18. trish c says:

    My son bought me a food processor, but felt bad about it even though I specifically asked for it.
    There are females and males out there to who a kitchen appliance is exciting.

  19. Quietstorm says:

    Love the kitchen stuff!!!! Santa brought a food processor (easier for making pie dough), a new heavy duty hand mixer (I blew out my old one last saturday making Christmas cookies!) and Santa was listening….I got a cheesemaking kit!!!!! woooo hooo!!!!!!!

  20. Sheila says:

    I got a couple of kitchen gadgets that I wanted , my hubby got me a waffle maker an electric griddle and an egg poacher (though I don’t think that last one qualifies as a kitchen gadget LOL) though I’d still like to get a food dehydrater :).

  21. Sheila says:

    And a 12 inch cast iron skillet (sorry I forgot to add that LOL).

  22. Farm Dog Mama says:

    I am not ashamed to say I covet all things kitchen. My hubby got me a glorious standing mixer with attachments for Christmas. Give me any kind of kitchen thingy any day over jewelry. :moo:

  23. northcountrygirl says:

    Hubby replaced my bread pans, 9×13 cake pan, two cookie sheets, and added a new roasting pan with rack. The new pans are super slick gray that need no greasing. The bread fell out of the pan. Love it! The pans have silicone padded handles but I use hot pads anyway. The down side is the outside of the pans are the same way and when I move the oven rack, they come flying outward. That was a little awkward but I can get used to it. Love them!! Me…I’m a practical kind of person so I like kitchen gifts! :snoopy:

  24. LisaAJB says:

    My favorite: my new food processor. And the cool cookbook. And the combination timer/thermometer for foods. I’m going to be cooking until next Christmas. Just TRY and keep me out of the kitchen.

  25. Gini says:

    I love kitchen gifts! My hubs got me a gorgeous, gigantic pressure canner!

  26. Ramona says:

    She’s the only one that looks happy about the hats…..

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