Poky’s Least Favorite Activity


Morgan, hanging on as she assisted the donkey hoof trimmer yesterday afternoon.


  1. Barbee says:

    Poor Poky, she doesn’t like that. She wants another person to do that; someone who will paint her nails with beautiful colors – girlie colors. I read of a little girl who was given a gentle, old mare for a pet. She painted the mare’s hooves pink. They were an adorable pair.

  2. Joell says:

    :woof: :woof:
    I know that look! It is the way I feel when I go to the dentist!

  3. Karen H says:

    Aww poor Poky………I hope she got a huge reward for going through that episode.

  4. Ms.Becky says:

    poor baby – the look in that eye!!! :airkiss:

  5. GrammieEarth says:

    Ohhh The evil eye… :devil2:
    The only trimming that goes on around here is for the two indoor kits…they make it sound like I am torturing them! Three minutes later, they’re all good. Good on Morgan for doing the holding…good practice for when she gets her horse(s)!
    =) Pam

  6. bjo2298 says:

    Poor Pokey! I hope a cookie was waiting for him when he was done!
    Bonnie from Iowa

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