Progress and Recovery


This is very much a common sight around here these days–road work. Our little road has gotten quite a bit of attention as there were several slips in the road after the flood. It’s been over a month since the flood. There’s still a mountain at the debris collection site near the interstate (that used to be a park ‘n’ ride–and maybe will be again….someday). Things have gradually changed in the surrounding towns of Elkview and Clendenin that were so hard hit by the flood. Gone are the interstate signs warning of disaster areas ahead, the popup cell phone charging stations, the Army around every corner, and the parking lot after parking lot of donation sites and water stations. There’s still a FEMA center in town, the post office is now in what looks like a food truck (the post office was flooded), and you can pass house after house with doors and windows standing open, empty, airing out, ghost town-like. Life is different, both for those who lost their homes (very different for them!) and even for those who didn’t. Every grocery store in the area was wiped out. The post offices and libraries are gone. Every single business where I normally shopped locally is gone. It’s a long way to a grocery store, a post office, or just about anything else these days.

But life goes on. It’s been a very strange summer here.


  1. kellyevin says:

    So glad you posted this. I had been wondering how things were going in your area.

  2. Starfish says:

    So sorry to hear that Suzanne. Glad you are well. It makes doing simple things more difficult. I wish you and your community there the best, especially for those who lost so much.

  3. Joell says:

    They say “Time heals all wounds” I hope this is the case for West Virginia. There has to be a starting point to reach the finish. I spend several years as a young child in a town in Ill. called Gifford, a few years back the whole down was pretty much destroyed by a terrible tornado, most lost everything, but for the last few years they have rebuilding, they have amazing drive and spirit.

  4. yvonnem says:

    It’s all so sad. You were able to resume your workshops/retreats?

  5. OneBirdieMa says:

    Whew! When the first I read is of how the evidence of after the worst is over is disappeared — well, it feels weird is all I can say. I’m in NoVA, so it’s not like I shouldn’t have heard of all this but I’m getting an education now! God love you all!

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