Oh the pies and breads we shall have!

Looking for a pumpkin bread recipe? I have one here: Pumpkin Bread.

And see my visit to the old farmhouse last year when I was, again, making pumpkin bread with Georgia: Over the Hill and Through the Woods.


  1. B.Ruth says:

    Hi Suzanne…..
    I don’t know why this picture struck me as so funny…I guess I just imagined “big butts” in the rocking chair…since I fit the imagined illustration….maybe too it’s all those funny “mooning” homemade scarecrow pictures floating around on the internet that use punkin’s for the bottoms!!
    At any rate….Oh yes, less see now there’s…punkin’ pie, punkin’ soup, punkin’ muffins, punkin’ cheesecake, punkin’ cookies, punkin ice and spice smoothies and ice cream, punkin’ bread, punkin’ fritters, punkin’ cake, roasted punkin’ seeds, and my favorite….a punkin’ log cake with cream cheese and punkin’ innards….beautiful served at Christmas or for gifts…..yummm!
    See what I mean about expanding punkin’ bottoms! The things can go thru all the holidays….and I am sure there is a punkin’ cheese ball (rolled in pecans), recipe out there somewhere one can use for New Years Eve…..yummmmmm….The Bubba Gump punkin list can go on and on….lol

  2. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Hmmmm, the photo is missing a cat. Or a goat face. Or a giant puppy curled underneath. Or a lamb who thinks she’s a dog. Or maybe a sweet donkey face?

  3. Shelly says:

    It’s amazing how much you can make with one pumpkin let alone many, there are a lot of good recipes around for pumpkin stuff.

  4. Leah says:

    I enjoyed re reading that older post,it’s one of my favorites. :yes:

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