Raindrops On Lake Persimmon



  1. ruby55 says:

    Is this the lake you live near? How idyllic–wherever it is. Makes me think of the telephone call I had earlier this week from my sister, telling me that they have sold their lodge on Gloucester Pond at Port Severn, Ontario. Makes me want to cry but I know it’s better for them. They’ve had 20 very stressful summers there in which the kids had to be neglected, my sister and brother-in-law rubbed each other’s nerves raw; they were constantly exhausted because Jamie is a perfectionist and for him the business was more important than anything else while my sister’s most important thing is her family. Their season was from Mother’s Day to about mid-October with earlier or later dates on both ends for special groups. During the winter months they’d try to get everything, including the kids back under control, do renovations, etc. It was very hard on them but they managed. I can’t imagine what life will be like now that they have bought a farm which they hope to put to some use though most of the land is leased out. It’s a beautiful place and we love it but it will be different.

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