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The Crooked Little Hen and my little banty roo, snuggling up together, the remaining two of my original hatching of chicks four years ago.

I’ve received several emails on this topic, so I figure I should say something. At the end of June, I was working on the June Chickens in the Road Newsletter when the derecho wiped out the world or at least this area. Two weeks later, when things got back to normal, it was the middle of July and it seemed a little late for a June newsletter.

Lately, quite a bit, between working on a book, working on studio projects, working on the website, and working on other freelance projects, I realized I was often working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. or even later. And I don’t like to stay up late. This past week, I wrote two articles for Chevrolet.com. (Not even sure how that happened, but I squeezed it in. Will. Write. For. Hay. Money.)

The summer, she flew by.

And I said, “Suzanne!” ::smack:: “You don’t have to write a newsletter if you don’t want to. The world did NOT end because you didn’t write a June newsletter.” And then I gave me some candy. Because I have to be nice to me sometimes.

Actually, I like writing the newsletter, and I intend to continue writing the newsletter. It’s not going away–it’s just on hiatus. I’m a writer, and a freestyle worker bee–which means I have to be a self-starter, and I am. And sometimes that gets out of control. Then I have to sit back and say, What am I enjoying? What is filling the well? What is feeding my soul and providing the most meaning? I’m cutting back in a few areas so that I have more time to focus on things that drive my creative energy. Sometimes that means writing something and sometimes that means sitting on the back of a horse.

Sometimes it means rocking on my porch.

Those things make me a better writer, and when I don’t make time for them, I’m a worse writer.

Writing posts for the blog is my favorite thing in the world. It’s the most satisfying creative work I’ve ever done, and continues to be so. In large part, that’s due to the immediate connection I have with you as the reader.

So if my newsletters are a little more random, just know that I’m rocking on the porch or sitting on the back of a horse or writing a new post. I’m not giving up the newsletter–it will continue to go out for special events or notices and at the very least quarterly. Sometimes more. I’ll be bothering you a little less in your inbox but focusing more on the blog (er, when I get past the CITR Retreat and finish my book, please give me a little slack till October 1.) I’m looking forward to getting back to more full posts on the main blog sections and more multiple-per-day posts on the Daily Farm. I feel, strongly, that right now, at Sassafras Farm, is the time of my life. I want to savor every second–and write about it all.

Right here.


  1. wkf says:

    Aim for Christmas……. one of those types like you get in christmas cards…..Not that you won’t be busy… you know,doing all that Christmas stuff!! :happyfeet:

  2. rurification says:

    I totally understand. If I had enough time to do yet a couple more extra things a day for someone else, then I’d have enough time for a nap. I need the nap way more than I need to get more stuff done for someone else’s benefit and on their timeline, to boot. I need to slow down.

    I shall join you vicariously as you rock on your porch.

  3. yvonnem says:

    Good for you! I know I would totally be rockin’ a chair on that porch, and I’ve never rode before, but a nice gentle horse to ride around would be great too. You deserve a break from all that you do. I do miss all of the posts, but when you write, you write good!!! I cannot wait to read your book. I haven’t received the newsletter since Verizon switched to Frontier, even though I updated my email address…I just read the archived ones. Thanks for everything you do. You have so many of us out here that can’t wait to read whatever you have posted for the day. Take Care! :heart:

  4. fowlers says:

    I just read this::: you put a newsletter out all so?? my word woman! lol, you are one busy girl:: I did not know I was going to get a newsletter too::::wow!! for real, take a break, I’d be happy w/ a few a year! I love to read your posts::don’t stress about it! I just read up on some of your older posts, I don’t know how you do all that you do:::do you have a big S on your chest::: hee hee, I bet ya, there will not be one person reply that tells you “not” to worry about it:: I think you do a hell of a job w/ all you have been delt this past year::I for one::congradulate you!! you have come so far~~you deserve a slower pace, rock on my new found friend!! pop back a cold one and relax::::You deserve it!!!!!

  5. thimblevee says:

    Good. For. YOU!!! I love reading your blog – it connects us to you. Do what you love and love what you do…I for one will still be here when you get back to the rest. Savor every minute you can.

  6. Murphala says:

    Amen, sister. I know what it means to be overwhelmed in such a way that the things you love to do suffer or are neglected altogether. Because our time does not go longer than 24 hours in a day, you have to make decisions. Rock on that porch! Do what keeps your soul happy. And then we who love to visit you will be happy. Quarterly newsletter sounds like a good plan…

    Rock on! :moo:

  7. Barbee says:

    No problem, Suzanne. Do what you need to do… for you.

  8. Lana says:

    If a person has too much on his/her plate, it has a tendancy to run over the edges. No one here wants your edges to run over!!

    Take care of yourself…just keep letting us know that you’re alive and kicking!

  9. princessvanessa says:

    It does my heart good to see Crooked Little Hen still going strong. Remember how there were some who were sure she would only last a few weeks.
    You wrote two articles for chevrolet.com? Forgive me for pointing out that your truck and SUV (Explorer) are both (shhh…) Ford. That’s funny! I’m always glad to hear when your writing affords you some income and I hope there are more and more wanting to pay for your writings.
    So, if you are not rocking out on your porch it can be said that you are “off your rocker”? You left yourself wide open for that one, Suzanne. JK
    With as much as you have going on in your life you need to take time to savor the fruits of your labor…smell the roses and sip some tea. No one here wants you to burn yourself out.
    Thanks for all you do for CITR readers.

  10. Anita says:

    I subscribe, but I have to say I like reading your blog a lot more. I have one that I don’t write in nearly often enough, so I understand your love of the immediate connection. And I’m glad you take “you” time! It reminds me to do so as well. I mean, if my only zen moments are scooping the litterboxes, then something is amiss, right? Please tell me I’m right. lol :shocked:

  11. Miss Judy says:

    “Life is like a vapor” so enjoy it…now.

  12. Rose H says:

    Wish I could rock on the porch with you!

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