It Really Is Always 5:00 in the Cellar!


When I posted about how my cellar turned into a bar, I got an email from longtime reader jan-n-tn, who said she had the perfect sign for my cellar. A neon Budweiser sign. The clock had stopped working. Which is what makes it so perfect.
I got it hung right up! Thank you so much, Jan! Since the clock doesn’t move, I set it to 5 and—
–it really IS always 5:00 in the cellar!


  1. Joell says:

    That is so cool!!!!
    I really love it!
    We will have to find a patio table and umbrella for outside for you so you can have a “beer garden”

  2. jan n tn says:

    Had a feeling that it would fill look SUPER it that space! ENJOY and be HAPPY. :hug:

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