Redbird Peeking


I love our redbirds in the snow!


  1. Blessings says:

    Beautiful Photo! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alison says:

    If you ever make a wallpaper out of your pictures this one would be great for that. Wonderful picture.

  3. Leann says:

    What a beautiful picture! I love the cardinals too. 🙂

  4. JOJO says:

    :snowman: :woof: :snowman:
    We saw our first cardinals at the feeders yesterday they are like jewels in the snow,

  5. Sara says:

    I love the cardinals and the blue jays in the winter there color is nice to see

  6. melisa says:

    beautiful picture

  7. CindyP says:

    Wonderful photo!

    Cardinals are just that much more pretty against the drab background……..maybe it’s been decided cardinals just aren’t getting enough attention, they need a drab background……yeah, let’s go with that!

  8. stacy says:

    this picture definately could be entered into a photography contest and win!!

  9. stefinity says:

    Good picture!

  10. CATRAY44 says:

    THis and the Rooster on the Porch picture could win contests! Thank you, again, for all you do!

  11. Liz V. says:

    WOW! What a gorgeous picture! We do not see those kinds of birds in Colorado, so this is a treat.

    Hope everyone is staying warm, it’s minus 6 here this morning.

  12. jason says:

    The only thing prettier contrasted against the snow than a cardinal is a (or many) deer!

  13. Michele Messier says:

    I don’t see red birds like that in California. :reindeer:

  14. Carol Langille says:

    Oh how I love this picture, Suzanne!!! The very epitome of winter but with it’s beautiful side showing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Stay warm, roost like a chicken! Bake something, make something or just call a couple of cats and take a nap!
    Blessings to everyone!

  15. kerri says:

    Cardinals are such a cheery sight against the snow, aren’t they? To our great delight, we had one at the feeders this morning. He just started coming 3 days ago. We’ve been waiting! Last year we had a group of at least 6 (including females) that came often.
    Your picture is beautiful. I love the way he’s peeking around the tree trunk.

  16. Angelia May says:

    WOW – Gorgeous!

  17. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Isn’t he just gorgeous? Cardinals are so beautiful and so striking against the snow. That picture should win an award.

  18. shirley says:

    Beautiful picture of our West Virginia State Bird, the Cardinal.

  19. Melissa Marsh says:

    I love cardinals! So beautiful!

  20. Janessa says:

    Gorgeous – this reaffirms that I need a new camera. lol There was a cardinal in my neighbor’s tree the other day that I tried taking a picture of and put on my blog Sunday and he looks like a fuzzy red blob. haha! Have a great day! We got 3 more inches of snow last night and our temps are supposed to drop dangerously over the next 24 hours.

  21. Angela Pierce says:

    :no: No Cardinals here…yet. They are so pretty, especially in the winter. I love how Mr. Cardinal patiently waits for Mrs. Cardinal to eat while he stands guard. What a man! :airkiss:

  22. Jen says:

    So pretty! We have a couple of Cardinal mates that stay at our house most of the year since we feed them. Love to see the beautiful red against the snow. In the spring they play in the wild strawberry patch at the back of our backyard. It gets so thick before hubs mows it that you can just see their little red heads. Love it!

  23. Barbee' says:

    Isn’t that cute! With color like that, there isn’t much hiding, I think.

  24. catslady says:

    We have a couple that come to my feeder. Don’t they just make your day when they brighten up all that white!!

  25. Jessica says:

    What a beautiful sight! I’ve never seen one before, only in everyone else’s photos.

  26. Linda in New Mexico says:

    This is so beautiful. We don’t have redbirds in the southwest, sniff, sniff. Thanks for sharing :sun:

  27. Ursula says:

    Lucky you to have Cardinals at your feeder! Nice capture!

  28. DAnna Lawson says:

    I love this picture of the cardinal peeking around the tree. I grew up in Oklahoma, where we could see cardinals, but now live in California, where there are no cardinals! They are beautiful birds, and really do show up well in the snow! Great photo!

  29. The Retired One says:

    Be. Still. My. Heart.

    This is a STUNNING photo!

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