Reports of My Death Are Exaggerated


My cousin called me yesterday to ask me if I was alive.

I am! Don and Marty, tell them! You saw me this weekend! (That’s Don and Marty, two of the attendees at this just-past retreat, sitting at one of the tables in the studio and enjoying some dessert.)

I have been overwhelmed and exhausted. I was behind on mowing, and trying to get ready for five days of workshops and meals along with trying to catch up on mowing and weedeating here…. Everything else got away from me. Then the five days of workshops. I was waking up early and getting straight to work, and by the time I was back in the house, it was just time to collapse. I’m sorry for not being here for so long! I’m BACK. I will be back again tomorrow with more pictures and stories from the retreat.

How are YOU? I missed you all! (I hope you missed me, too.)


  1. alosyu says:

    So relieved to hear all is well. Had been worried about you and your kids, even though I told myself you were busy.

  2. Louise says:

    We knew you were very busy but we really missed you. We always worry when we don’t hear from you for a while. Rest and we will be waiting to hear all the news from the retreat. :sun:

  3. California Paintbrush says:

    And all the kids are off doing their thing…… I would help you if I was closer. Take a rest, get one of those cute hired hands to help for a bit!

  4. Sarah T says:

    I was worried, but I just figured a lot of ‘shit hit the fan’. Glad all is good, hope you get some good sleep time in. :shocked:

  5. Karen H says:

    Yes, we missed you but we knew you were worth waiting for.

  6. DeniseS says:

    Glad to see you’re back online and o.k. Figured with the retreat and farm work you had your hands full. Although midweek, I was concerned about your absence, until I realized this was a 5 day event. Then it was like – oh boy, she is really busy. Missed you too, and am looking forward to the retreat photos and stories when you’ve finished what you need to do and rested up some.

  7. angiemay says:

    I was missing you!!! Glad to see you are still among the living πŸ™‚

  8. Pat says:

    She lives! Just kidding. Missed you lots but remembered how much you do to host retreats. Glad you survived. :yes:

  9. Granma2girls says:

    Yes, I got on your website every a.m. looking for a “Sept.” entry. But nothing. I would’ve worried but I remembered on your Dairyland post you mentioned a retreat. Glad to know you made it through the 5 days okay albeit somewhat exhausted. Looking forward to new posts, when you feel recharged.

  10. joykenn says:

    We were all worried and missed you. I wavered between imagining car accidents or animal human emergencies AND imagining you’d had a mysterious billionaire drive up, stop to ask directions only to fall deeply in love with you and sweep you away to his Greek island retreat with a stopoff in Paris for a new wardrobe.

    Darn! Just that pesky usual busy life. πŸ™‚

  11. joykenn says:

    Oh and by the way in my fantasy Maia went WITH you to get her own Paris wardrobe to meet lots of handsome Greek boy goats. :snoopy:

  12. MMHoney says:

    house draped in black!!!
    then i remembered it was my 91s birthday….

    oh well i think i will go back to bed

  13. dl30f0dls says:

    Very glad to see that you are just….BUSY! I was worried about an animal or people emergency too –
    as often after a long silence from you, that is the explanation. So, WHEW!! Thanks for stopping our wild imaginations from running completely away. I look forward to your posting again!

  14. Diane says:

    So glad you are ok. :snoopy: I was getting more worried each day that something happen to you or one of the kids!!! Dont do that again! Goodness follow a person’s blog for a few years and a person gets kind of attached you know. You got to pop in with a animal photo or something just to say you are still around. πŸ™‚

  15. Jersey Lady says:

    I always figure not news is good news. Figured you were super busy with retreat. Hope you have some R&R now for a while.

  16. Starfish says:

    I can’t imagine how tired you are but I knew you were. I can tell you really put heart and soul into your retreats. I knew that after you had rested, you’d be back. πŸ™‚ yes, you were missed. πŸ™‚

  17. yvonnem says:

    Heck yeah I missed you!!! I wasn’t worried because I knew you had the big retreat and mowing to do. Just glad you’re back and that the retreat went well. Looking forward to some new posts! :heart:

  18. jan n tn says:

    I’ve checked in every day, as most everybody else has done. Yes it’s called addiction. Since all of your ‘pre-retreat helpers’ have taken to the hills, it takes ALOT to set up for a 5 day extravaganza..when you’re doing it alone. I can’t even set up for a two day yard sale by my self. We missed you..excited that you’re back..we’ll wait for all the upcoming recap.

  19. Dghawk says:

    Glad you are OK. I was just about ready to drive 360 miles and hunt you down! Not quite sure where your farm is in Roane County, but I could probably find it…..eventually! :shocked:

  20. auntbear says:

    We noticed and we’re happy you’re back.Figured it was something keeping you beyond busy.Just so’s you know you’re missed.

  21. pugwaggin says:

    I assumed you were busy. Glad you are back. I missed your blog and you. I do know farm life can keep you busy. :moo:

  22. Joell says:

    We DID miss you, every day several times I day I checked your posts, it is like calling a friend and not getting an answer, then after a while, worry sets in and then—hello— and all is right with the world again. Glad you are alright.

  23. joeyfulnoise says:

    I knew you had the retreat and all the prep…..but I still missed your posts. I have been reading them every morning for years now – it is a great way to start my day. You inspire me to try new things!

  24. AnnieB says:

    WOW! Glad to hear you’re okay. I thought that maybe with the last chick flown from the nest you flew off to Hawaii or something :shimmy:

    HA!!! Just kidding, of course. I knew there was a big retreat coming up. But I’ve been checking your blog every day to see if there was news from you. Glad you are back!!!! :snuggle:

  25. cinderbama says:

    We know you are the “come back kid”! LOL
    Seriously, I’m glad everything is okay (no family issues or broken pipes or computers). It’s a dull day without you Suzanne.

  26. starmartin says:

    YES people Suzanne is alive, and is fantastic!!!!

    Don & I had a great time at the farm. We met wonderful people, learned how to milk GB (bless her heart), we made fabulous cheeses, made breads, pies and biscuits!!!

    Anyone & everyone!!!! If you haven’t gone to the farm to visit Suzanne for one of her workshops, you had best get on the bandwagon and sign up. It’s fun, informative and you meet new people from all over the US.

    And the best part of it all…… get to meet the most wonderfulest (is that a word?) person…..Suzanne. She’s the best part of any workshop she has going!!

    Thanks Suzanne once again for doing a great job!!!

    (P.S. I’ve been to two workshops’ this year. I’ve learned quite a lot and have loved each workshop.)

    (P.S.S…Suzanne, I’ve had the thinking cap on ever since we’ve left the farm. Don & I are working on that task!) πŸ™‚

  27. Renefoust says:

    Happy to hear you are still alive!

  28. Randy D says:

    I, for one, appreciate all of the hard work Suzanne does to put on her retreats. My wife April suggested we go to the week (8/28-9/1) of workshops and I was looking forward to going. I enjoyed every single day, every single meal (yes, including the fried baloney sandwiches, ha ha), and made some new friends also (you know who you are). We actually discussed moving to the area as we fell in love with the countryside and people. Suzanne made us feel like family and went out of her way to make it a great week for each one of us. I have to admit that I also shared my experience with my crew at the fire station upon my return. They got a kick out of it. I am now hooked and looking forward to making my own creations from scratch. Heck, I even bought an antique rolling pin before leaving Charleston, ha ha. I had to bring a more permanent part of WV and my time there home with me. Trying to figure how to post some pictures I took while there. I hope I haven’t used any fowl language.

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