Retreat Update


A Hands-On Experience
in the
West Virginia Mountains

September 13th-15th
Camp Sheppard, located in
Roane County, West Virginia.

2012 Party on the Farm follows
on September 16th at
Sassafras Farm.

I know it’s still only January, and the retreat isn’t until September, but we’re filling up fast. Even with an increased attendee limit from last year, we’re already nearly two-thirds filled on available spaces and we can’t add more. Workshops this year include cheesemaking, preserving, soapmaking, breadbaking, candlemaking, natural skin care, spinning, felting and fulling, quilting, container gardening, mushroom log inoculating, apron making, dulcimer playing, painting, goat milking/husbandry, and how-to for power tools.

Evenings will be “freestyle” with craft-sharing time and some very special entertainment. West Virginia dulcimer player and maker Jim Good will entertain us with his music on Friday evening (September 14) and Granny Sue, a real live old-fashioned folk storyteller will regale us with her tales on Saturday night (September 15).

Don’t miss it! Get all the info and details: Your adventure starts here!


  1. DancesInGarden says:

    Are spaces filling up, or sessions? I have a space reserved but haven’t paid in full.

  2. sunhurteyes says:

    Sounds like great fun!!

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