You know, I just don’t like where those horns could be going if that was me…..

BUSY day yesterday. Sheep shearing. Donkey hoof trimming. Gosling moving. And–a BIG secret revealed! But not yet, because I don’t have time to properly reveal it. It’s prom night here–and Weston and Morgan are both going. So many things going on here this weekend! AND!!!! I got a milking machine that can milk cows, goats, AND sheep!!! Feta, look out!

I’ll be back….. And really, I have a super good secret!!!! (Heh.)


  1. Darlene in North GA says:

    What. a. tease.
    Hope the kids have a great time at prom.

  2. Blessings says:

    Hope to see photo’s of the kids for Prom night…while waiting for the Secret Surprise?!….
    Happy Weekend from Michigan

  3. themandabear says:

    Why must you tease us!? Hope the kids have a great time at prom!

  4. CindyP says:

    Hope the kids have a great night at the prom!!

    Sitting here patiently waiting for the SECRET!!!

  5. Barbee says:

    Whew!! So much going on. Exciting!

  6. TinaBell says:

    Sounds like a busy day, alright. And Hard Work keeping a BIG secret!! What could it be?! Tell those kids to be careful and have fun at prom.

  7. Granny Trace says:

    :snoopy: BUSY BUSY DAY!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of prom…And to know big secret!!
    Hugs Granny Trace


  8. mamawolf says:

    Weston, Morgan, have a great time at the Prom. Looking forward to pictures. Suzanne, what a great way to get me away from the garden and back to the computer. I’m waiting!
    :snoopy: :shimmy: :happyfeet: :fairy: :sheepjump:

  9. Kat43082 says:

    Mean!!! I on the edge of my seat, I can’t wait to hear. I’m alos so excited for the up coming posts regarding the new milking machine.

  10. holstein woman says:

    Prom, fun beyond compare when you are their age. Have a GREAT time. I hope you get the bugs out of the secret, I can hardly wait. 😕

  11. Ms.Becky says:

    you teaser. are you getting a barn????? hope the kids have great fun at their prom!

  12. brendaE says:

    Oh no, a secret – you’re getting new animals aren’t you – uh huh go ahead and admit it – another cow friend for BP.

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