Chickens and ducks always greet the day with such glee. They never saw a day they didn’t like!


  1. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    What a great attitude!

  2. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    Isn’t that so funny!! I love letting mine out of their coop..They run around like Thank God a brand new day!!

  3. NorthCountryGirl says:

    My chickens gang up in the coop until I open the door. Then there’s the mad rush out into the yard! I look out the coop window and see a sea of ten fluffy butts happily digging and scratching in their leaves. They make my day…they are always glad to see me.

  4. Johanna says:

    So true, so true! I recently photographed my own hens and ducks running out into the grass. A few of those photos are on my blog right now (go ahead, click it!). I only have one duck, a white one named Ari Duckass (named after someone I know), so you’ll see her pal-ing around with the hens. They really are jewels in the grass!

  5. Chic says:

    My chickens used to love doing the same thing as soon as I’d open the door to thier coop. Now they’re afraid for thier lives since we got our little dinky donkey who want’s to ‘pile drive’ them into the dirt! Just when I think everything is going to be ok and there is peace in the barnyard….I hear chickens squawking and when I look I see chickens running…feathers flying and a mad little donkey hot on thier tail!!!! So…we are now preparing fences to move the donkey to another pasture and shelter so my poor little chickens can live and hunt and peck in peace again. No wonder my daily egg count has dropped!!! 😥 :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  6. jason says:

    What’s not to like about a day full of eating and running around in the woods?!

  7. Claudia says:

    It’s duck party weather today here in Dripping Springs, TX!

  8. rainss61 says:

    oh wow!! :fairy: This is so true-mine are the same and such a simple thing is so fun to watch every day! :snoopy: Life is good! :wave:

  9. Jo says:

    Oh,lololol….so true, so true! :happyflower:

  10. Nancy says:

    But the rainier the better in their book!

  11. Darlene in North Georgia says:

    I miss having chickens. I guess should just enjoy the one’s the mayor lets run free in the neighborhood.

  12. Mariah says:

    A good philosophy on life…to never meet a day one doesn’t like!

  13. trish says:

    They are just grateful not to be the main course! lol

  14. TXLady says:

    Just like Claudia, here in the TX Hill Country it’s been drizzling all night and all day…My ducks always loved it and they were scooching around in the mud and puddles with their beaks.


  15. Susan M. says:

    I love this photo and the caption–so positive!!! If those SAM-e people don’t hire you there is just something wrong with them. :sun:

  16. Liz in PA says:

    :snoopy: And we readers of your Blog never tire of your wonderful pictures and stories of all your sweet animals!

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