Sailor Incoming


I woke up to a giant truck parked practically on my back porch–which means Ross is home! He’s back from his first submarine voyage. He really appreciates the sky now.


  1. woolylamb says:

    :snoopy: Welcome home, Ross! Hope you had fun!

  2. debbie says:

    Welcome home, Ross! Thank you for your service!

  3. bonita says:

    Yes, indeed, welcome home Ross. Hope your first submarine experience was everything (and more) you ever dreamed of. Your service is greatly appreciated.

  4. Luann says:

    Thankyou Ross for serving our country. I have 2 sons that served and I understand what families go through and I appreciate all you do for all of us. Suzanne, please give him a great big hug from my family.

  5. mrnglry says:

    Welcome home, Ross. There is lots to see and do out there in the big world, but there is no place like home and a family to come home to!

  6. Dumbcatluvr says:

    :woof: How happy you must be.Hug him tight. :hug:

  7. Julia says:

    Yes, welcome home Ross!

    And now that we know wher to look, we can see the cat under the stairs again.

  8. outbackfarm says:

    There is NO way in this world anyone could get me down in one of those things. It freaks me out just thinking about it. So I admire your son for being so brave. And I am glad he’s there. Under the sky, not the ocean. With the sun shining. He’s a brave sailor.

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