Sassafras Farm Signature Soap


I think this should be my signature soap! This soap is made from sassafras tea, from sassafras roots harvested on my farm. I also added pine resin (from my farm) and honey (someday, I’ll have my own honey, but the honey used in this soap is from a local farm–Adam’s farm). The color is all natural–sassafras tea is red, but the soap turned out a lovely purplish color.

I made four pounds yesterday and will be making more! This soap is for sale. If you’re interested, contact me at [email protected]. The soap is $5/bar, and shipping is $3 for 1 or 2 bars, and $5 for three or four bars.

If you want to make the soap for yourself, I’ll be posting more about how I made this soap next week.


  1. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Wow that is neat soap. Looks like your soap-making skill will be well honed for tommorrow. Can’t wait… except for that getting up really early to milk all the goats before we leave part 🙂

  2. rhubarbrose says:

    You are amazing – this soap looks really great. I am in awe of your skills and creativity. Yes – a Sassafras Signature Soap is brilliant.

  3. Holly in MO says:

    Your soap looks awesome. Will you have it (and any other soaps) for sale at the retreat?

  4. Michele-lee says:

    The soap looks pretty. I’m curious what the purpose is of the different ingredients- fragrance?

  5. fowlers says:


    Color me silly: but what does it smell like? floral, piney ?? look’s fab!!! Have a great weekend! wish I could come!!!!

  6. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, does it smell like Sassafras???????????????? And you said it is purple. My two favs. I want some, can I pay through Paypal??????

  7. Claudia W says:

    That soap is beautiful! And root beer is the best scent…like summertime! As soon as I can I am going to order some from you…will you be making it regularly? I hope, cause once this gets around here, I’ll have to get more I am sure!

  8. cleo sentell says:

    Love the idea of your soap. I want some now. tell me how

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