Seriously Weird Beans


So, the beans in my garden turned out to be red runner beans. I’ve never even heard of red runner beans before. The beans aren’t all red–it’s just the sporadic bean. How weird is that? I thought they were so beautiful. I canned them up with some corn as succotash, thinking how pretty that would be! Red and green and yellow……

Only the red totally faded upon cooking. (Sigh!) But I have five quarts of succotash now!

In other news, I’m going to change up my posting schedule a little bit. For one thing, this page–the “Daily Farm Photo” page is now just Daily Farm. I started this section a long, long time ago as a photoblog. I used to always just post one photo here and often not even with any text, but over time it has become a bonafied blog section all by itself, often with multiple photos and always with text. While I have my other blog sections scrupulously organized, this section is my catch-all, anything-goes, whatever-I-feel-like-right-now section. And I love that, because it’s very free, and sometimes I wish I could post more than once a day here. So while I set this post early today, look for another post here this afternoon. Posting at different times will also allow me to give more time and space when a post needs it, without rushing it to set on schedule at 1 a.m. And for you, I hope it gives you more to see and do here so bear with me. (And remember to check back later–I’m working on a post about the baby goats for this afternoon!)


  1. Darlene in Ks says:

    Love it, Suzanne. I’m one of those who check in more than once a day wishing to see more yet knowing there isn’t, so I move on over to the recipes to see whats new. Don’t know how you do it but this just keeps getting better and better.

  2. bonita says:

    Baby goats as a teaser, how clever!

  3. Nancy in Iowa says:

    I like to check your posts before I head for bed each night, so now I’ll have something to look forward to in the afternoon as well! Your succatash looks great, even if the beans did lose the red. :hungry:

  4. Shelly says:

    Those beans and corn look really good. I am going to have to find a succotash recipe. That will be great if you post more than once a day! Looking forward to it. Love those baby goats. :purpleflower: :purpleflower: :purpleflower: :purpleflower:

  5. Glenie says:

    sounds great looking forward to more than once a day post.

  6. CindyP says:

    Your succotash looks great! Weird about the red though.

    I can definitely deal with change, especially if there’s baby goats involved! :yes:

  7. 4jsMOM says:

    I like the idea of more than one post a day. I always love a reason to return to your interesting blog.

  8. Anke says:

    Your succotash looks really good! I have some beautiful red okra growing in the garden, and it too fades once you pickle it. Made me a little sad…

  9. Yankee Gal says:

    Love your whole blog :heart: but Daily farm has always been my favorite section because the “catch all” factor is what makes it a bit different and fun! Don’t know how you do it, but keep up the good work and more posts…Hurray!

  10. Leah says:

    I love beans. I dont know if I’ve ever eaten a red one. Sure looks good. Will surely ck back on the baby goats later. :wave:

  11. Tina says:

    More of your great posts would be GREAT! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog; your photography is stunning and the narrative so entertaining! Just love you to pieces, Suzanne! 😀
    Can’t wait to see more pics of the babies!!

  12. Gayle says:

    I grew beans a couple of years ago that were meant to be red,purple,yellow when you picked them, when you cooked them they turned green. Thye were promoted as a way of getting kids to like gardening and eat their veggies too.

  13. Johanna says:

    So many “fancy colored” vegetables fade upon cooking — purple potatoes and purple beans come immediately to mind. But those beans were awfully pretty before you cooked them — did you try any raw for salad or something?

  14. Yvonne says:

    I’m with Darlene in Ks, I check in multiple times a day and am so glad you will be adding posts! Thank You!

    P.S. I also checked out the second post today – it was great that you answered all of the questions that have been submitted about the babies.

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