She’s BACK!


Guess who’s home?!

Patriot was so excited. He ran right over to greet her.

There’s nothing a horse loves more than another horse. Especially these two and each other.

But, their reunion didn’t last long.

Patriot gave a moment’s hesitation at the trailer….

….then scampered right in. In contrast to the 45 minutes it took to load Zip the first time, this is a big checkmark in Patriot’s column. However, he has other issues. (Zip, by the way, showed off her new loading and unloading acumen when she arrived and he took her off and on and off in short order.)

Mike Trader took Patriot back home with him for 30 days of work, and now we shall see just what Patriot is made of…..

And meanwhile, now that we’ve got our girl home, I’ll finally get to ride Zip!


  1. Rainn says:

    That man has such a gift!! The world needs more of him-and you and all the rescuers out there and lovers of animals!!! But as the old song goes -we will overcome some day!! :sheep:

  2. cabynfevr says:

    Be patient with poor Patriot. Horses are unpredictable at best. Even the best horses can buck, bite and kick on occasion… sometimes the reason isn’t clear to us but very clear in their horsey minds. If only they came with a little memory card (especially the rescues) we could plug in and watch the story of their lives. Kudos to you for sending them to a trainer! :sheep:

  3. Leck Kill Farm says:

    Oh boy, Patriot does not look happy. Awaiting updates…..

  4. fowlers says:

    Awe, welcome home!!!! have fun w/ her and give her LOT’S of apples and carrots !

    Such great news:)

  5. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Zip looks fantastic! Whatever feed and exercise routine the trainer had her on you should definitely continue. Patriot will come back a changed horse too. Taking them to the trainer was money well spent. I can’t wait to see the updates!

  6. easygoinglady says:

    Lets hope that Zip whispered in Patriot’s ear and told him how wonderful Trainer Mike is and how wonderful it is to please his new family. Life will be happier for all once everyone is talking the same language and everyone’s confidence is better. :snoopy:

  7. liz2 says:

    Welcome home, Zip! Now that Patriot has gone away to Trainer Mike’s etiquette school for horses, I expect he will come home behaving like a gentleman. I love these posts about your horses.

  8. leah m t says:

    We have a horse that needs his help. He was abused before we got him. I’d love to get him to help us. Do you have any info on how to contact him?

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