Short Update on Shortcake


Morgan (and Casper and Gwennie) helping get Shortcake moved out to the upper pasture. Well, I’m not sure Casper and Gwennie did any actual helping. Anyway. I’ve set myself up for an even bigger challenge by moving Shortcake out to pasture. This wasn’t because I wanted a bigger challenge. However, I was keeping Shortcake on hay in the back barnyard. Keeping an animal on hay in October makes me a little nervous. I hadn’t put Shortcake out to pasture since her arrival, and I finally decided I’d better stop feeding out hay. I have an ample supply, and probably more than I need, but this winter is yet an unread book. Fall is not a good time to be wasteful with hay. I suspect this means I won’t make much progress with Shortcake until I bring the horses back to the barn and start feeding out hay in earnest, but for now, I’m in hay conservation mode.


  1. brookdale says:

    How did you catch Shortcake, to move her to the field? She will love the green grass I am sure. Also, more room to run away from you and the halter!
    Glad you had Morgan and a couple of the dogs to help.

  2. Jane L says:

    You’ve probably gotten this advice before, but turn your back on her and pretend to be completely engrossed in something – like eating an apple, and don’t let her see what you’re doing. Curiosity usually wins out.

  3. twiggityNDgoats says:

    I hear ya about conserving hay. I put my bucks back out on pasture now that breeding season is over until December. Even those little guys eat a LOT. You’ll have all winter to work with Shortcake so in the meantime they can enjoy all this GRASS.

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