Sign of Spring


I’ve been looking for tiny signs of spring. The trees are still so sadly bare here. But– Look closer. Things are budding, things are blooming. Even if you have to hunt to find them! After a big storm and temperatures dropping back to wood stove weather, I was desperate for some proof of spring. I found it. You?


  1. Nic, SD says:

    Uh, we got a couple inches of snow, the other day, and temps back do into the twenties. Nothing green yet in South Dakota (or my neck of it anyway) but it won’t be all that long!
    And the warmer weather we did have resulted in a VERY LARGE DENT having been taken out of the snow piles looming everywhere… (Which resulted in the first rain of this year, yay! Then it got cruddy again 🙁 )

  2. bonita says:

    The only sign of spring (high today lower 30’s, 20° lower than normal) around here are the scratches on the gardener’s face and arms. A few days ago it was warmish and he went about the yard picking up winter debris and trimming dead branches.
    Well, there is a chickadee who is clearly singing to attract attention…and there are some small lumpy things on the maple tree. But as for a strong green sign…no. The only thing that was green around here was the river on St. Pat’s day.

  3. theresea says:

    Cleaning up brush isn’t much fun but I love knowing spring is here. I just wish my lettuce wouldn’t have to worry about the snow tonight. Everthing will be okay maybe it’s just a small tease…once again. What about in Clover’s world…is it going to snow tonight…or rain cookies?

  4. Pam C in Canada says:

    Our spring is a bit behind….We did have a couple of nice days that melted a lot of snow, but there’s still at least a foot in most places. I’m hoping that within the next month, it will all be gone – along with the water that’s sure to collect everywhere! (The water can leave sooner!) Nothing green here yet.

  5. Joyce says:

    Bright orangy yellow flowers soon from those buds, lovely. Plus the ramps are up, :snoopy:

  6. Glenda says:

    We had a few days near 80° and now we are back to 30’s and 50’s.

    We do have green grass, daffodils…then there are the purple blooms on the dratted dead nettle (lamium purpureum) and henbit (lamium amplexicaule), aka hillbilly ground cover.

    The plum tree is fully bloomed, probably not a good thing!

    What is the budded plant?

  7. Robin says:

    In the south central Indiana highlands, we’ve got green on the weeping willows and buds on the redbuds. Supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow tonight, but 41 degrees and sun tomorrow, so it’ll be gone tomorrow night. Spring is a wild ride here.

  8. Kathi says:

    What is that plant? Inquiring minds need to know. 🙂

    The redbuds are blooming in Oklahoma! Spring is here!

  9. lavenderblue says:

    Last Saturday my husband and I went to a couple of the local sugar bushes to watch them tap trees. It was Maple Syrup Weekend up here, where the owners let you stomp all over their property while they try to show you how to tap a tree. The owners were lamenting that it was too warm to get a good flow. They were tapping.

    I spent Sunday cleaning the back yard, removing sleds from the garden box (a big wooden planter my husband made for me on the back deck) and planting peas and lettuce in it. After all, Maple Syrup guy said it was too warm to tap, so Spring must be here, right?

    Over the next couple of days we’ve gotten about six inches of snow. Let’s hope the old time farmers were right and snow is the “poor man’s fertilizer”. ‘Cause I got plenty.

  10. lavenderblue says:

    Sorry, the end of the first paragraph should read “They weren’t tapping”. I’ve been up since 5:30 but have only had one cup of coffee. Must have more.

  11. wmk says:

    Spring is in her full Southern Yellow Pine finery here!!!!! Yellow smog of pollen. Underneath that the dogwoods are in , the azaleas are blooming, Iris are flagging, Daffodils are every where, Forsythia has finished and the Yellow jasmine is going nuts. Yesterday I found Blackberries flowers…….. So we ought to get a hard freeze any day now. :shocked:

  12. Myrna Mackenzie says:

    It’s still cold, and I’ve been shaking my fist at the sky (hmm, maybe that’s the problem. Reminder to self: Stop making Mother Nature angry).

  13. holstein woman says:

    I promised God I would not complain about the mud if the snow went away, so I’m not complaining about the 6 inches I have in the back yard between here and the barn…….. NW Oregon
    On the better spring note we have daffodils, prim roses, raspberries and blueberries budding. And the chickens are wanting to nest. No roosters, so it won’t do them any good. And all but one cow has calved in the beef cows and no dairy calves yet.

  14. Urbanite says:

    It is spring in Seattle, too – the daffodils and crocus are nearing their finish, cherries, camellias, forsythia, tulip trees, star magnolia, and heather are in full bloom. Early varieties of azalea are in bloom. Leaf buds on the trees and flower buds on later azaleas and rhododendrons are starting to burst. I plan to mow my lawn and start preparing my garden this weekend.

  15. Melinda says:

    Here in the South, everything is beginning to bloom and bud! There is a lot of pollen floating around and we need rain pretty badly, but the weather has been beautiful.

    All of my fruit trees have bloomed, the garden is ready for me to finish planting today, and the hummingbird feeder is ready to be cleaned and filled. I love Spring!

  16. Jill from Spencer, WV says:

    just wait until tomorrow! i think roane county is in the 1-3 inches of snow range! Uggggg! really ready for summer!

  17. iowacowgirl says:

    do new calves count?

    still, I think it cold and windy here.

  18. Agnes from Antigo says:

    Spring? What’s spring? We got 12 inches of SNOW on Wednesday.

  19. Tammy says:

    I have tulips and lilies that are just beginning to pop up. And I also hear the chickadee singing his song. Only in the 20’s right now. I think it’s only going to reach 40º today 😥

  20. Tina Manley says:

    Everything’s blooming in South Carolina! Dogwoods and azaleas are beautiful. Peach trees have already bloomed and now have leaves. Apple trees are blooming now. It’s cool today – in the 50’s – but has been in the 80’s already! I don’t think we’ll have another frost. Spring is here!


  21. mammaleigh says:

    Spring is here in Georgia too!! All of the Bradford Pear trees have bloomed and already went to leaves, the daffodils have been up for a while and everything is wet! Rain, Rain and more rain…not complaining just saying!

  22. HeatherB says:

    My crocuses are up and I have daffodils and tulips shooting up, too! And buds on the Maple trees!

  23. whaledancer says:

    The California poppies started blooming this week, adding their bright orange to the yellow of the mustard and shamrocks and to the purple four-o’clocks. And we’ve heard flocks of geese at night, passing through on their way north. In spite of winter-like rains, spring is here.

  24. Merlin says:

    It’s spring here in South Texas. Birds flyin’. :snuggle: Trees are trying to pop their leaves out, my pear tree has one cluster of blooms, weeds are poppin’ out (driving me nuts cuz they are the ugly kind, not the pretty kind), just planted Petunias and Vincas in one of our flower beds, took my potted plants outside knowing it won’t freeze at night anymore, and now there’s flies and yellow jackets (eek!)…. I hope to get some container gardening done soon. It’s been cloudy a lot lately but no rainstorms yet :hissyfit: and I’ll be SO glad when it finally does rain. :happyfeet:

  25. Jennifer Robin says:

    You can tell it’s spring here in my neck of the PNW woods when it rains while the sun is shining, which it is today!

  26. Barbara W says:

    My rhubarb is starting to come. My berries are starting to pop. Was busy planting some of my fruit trees today even though it was snowing and cold, just hope the ground wasn’t to wet to plant.
    Got to love spring :snoopy:

  27. Joyce says:

    I think the plant is Golden Ragwort, we have a couple of patches of these plants up on the hill. :wave:

  28. Linnie Joy says:

    Here in Georgia we have leaves grass and TONS of rain, tiny weenie flours blooming, and a toddler DESPERATE TO PLAY in the rain, makes for very easy blogging I must say, bundles of changes and and excitement, waiting to be written about!! :fairy:

  29. Runningtrails says:

    I know it’s coming! It’s just around the corner here but you are further ahead than we are here. I’m still watiting for the snow and ice to recede so I can see the ground and the gardens!

  30. Darlene in North GA says:

    Uhmmmm….they mowed the grass Friday at my place.
    North GA was very warm, but the temps have dropped again. The Bradford pears have bloomed and are now leafed out, Daffodils are blooming as well as the Forsythia. Fruit trees are all budding. NOT GOOD. We will have at least one, if not two more freezes before things settle down. Hope the local growers don’t lose both the apple and peach crops again.

  31. Ramona says:

    I’m glad we didn’t get any snow.

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