Slight Breeze


It’s so windy here today, it knocked the flag AND the pole down! But all kinds of people in the area are out of power from knocked-down power lines, so I’m not complaining……..


  1. Ramona says:

    We were out of power all yesterday afternoon and most of the night….

  2. Judy McCormick says:

    We’ve had bad winds in Colorado also. Ready to hoist the “White Flag” and surrender to it! Wind-1 Me-0!!

  3. Delia gill says:

    i live in opp al an it has been very windy down here but sunny

  4. MaryMooCow says:

    Are those…. Christmas lights??

    No, no, couldn’t be. Must be Easter lights. :pinkbunny:


  5. Nancy Stickler says:

    Oh my goodness, here in CT too!!

  6. Darlene in North GA says:

    We got blown away last night. There were several tornadoes that touched down in places that normally don’t get them. Several people killed by trees falling on houses and more injured. The local wildlife sanctuary was flattened. The animals were all ok (and HOPEFULLY still in their cages – Panthers, bobcats, etc!)Trees are down everywhere. I had intermittent power outages and then finally about 1am, total loss of power until about 8am. Friends in the next county down (where all the above destruction occurred) are still without power. They can’t get out of the main gate (gated community) as it’s got trees down on it. Thankfully, they can get out a back gate. (It’s totally mountainous as well as heavily wooded so there’s no going “over-land/off-road” to get out.)

    In some places the storm was so bad that the EMS people couldn’t get out to do their jobs as there was constant lightening, the wind was so high and it was raining so hard they couldn’t control their vehicles. Once the worst of the storm passed, they were then run ragged with emergency calls. Most were trees down in roads, on cars and houses. Several of our intersections (we have about 6 lights in town! lol) STILL are not working and we have had police directing traffic since about 6am (this was from my SIL at 6pm tonight)

    So I’m VERY thankful that none of my family was hurt in all of this and all of our homes, even though we all rent, are ok. We were well blessed.

  7. ann/alba says:

    our weather can’t make up it’s mind It rained. thunder & lighting . Windy , snowed, rained , SUNNY .
    I just want warm weather….

  8. glenda says:

    We are very windy here too. I saw all the storm damage on last evening’s news. It brought back memories of the tornado that took out our pole barn very vividly. Such damage is hard for anyone to imagine until they have been through it.

    We are grateful we were spared this time and feel so badly for the others.

    I worry this storm season may be bad!

  9. holstein woman says:

    Our weather is raining and we have someone elses share as well as ours in Oregon until we are about mudded out of our barn. But, we haven’t had the wind some of the country is having. I’m glad for that. I finally gave up on planting peas until May if I get to then. :no: I don’t want to rot the peas.

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