Snow Day #385,619


This is turning into a very snowy winter. Snow, every week, sometimes several times. Not a lot all at once, but regular. School is closed. Again.


  1. brendyblue says:

    Oh so pretty. I don’t remember school being closed due to snow when I was a child in WV. Of course we had to walk to school through knee high snow, uphill both ways. 😉

  2. mtnmedx says:

    Welcome to my world! We are 10 inches of snow above normal for this time of year. Of course 10 inches of snow is only about 1 inch of rainwater but we’ll take it!!!!

  3. Claudia W says:

    I’ll trade you some of our over abundant sunshine for some of your snow. That should balance things out a little. You get sunny days, we get the water we are so desperately going to need!

  4. California Paintbrush says:

    After listening to CNN about the East Coast bad weather…again, I really feel sorry for you guys. Then I had the thought: It is a good thing our country started in the East and went West because otherwise the winters would have discouraged migration from the West to the East. We do get pretty wimpy with our mild winters in California. Bundle up back there!

  5. Joell says:

    Schools closed here as well and probably tomorrow too,we had snow last night and a lot of wind, the temp is only 5 degrees right now. I dont mind Winter, but really dont care for temps much below 20 dregees.

  6. City Kid says:

    I feel your pain, Suzanne! We’ve had mid-January weather (bitter cold, gale-force winds) here since the beginning of December. I don’t think schools have been closed for snow, just for windchills in the 40s and 50s below zero. I just hope winter ends earlier than it did last year when snow fell in MAY.

  7. Miz Carmen says:

    I really can’t read this to my kids… they’d be ready to move tomorrow. We’ve had one (ONE!) day of snow this winter, and it was all slushy by that afternoon. We’ve had unending rain and unending fog – at one point they were calling it “Fogmaggedon” on the news – and we are just praying that there will be at least one more snowfall before spring hits, so that the kids can go out and sled before they outgrow their boots!

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