Snuggle Bunnies


Kitten and Little, sleeping in each other’s paws.


  1. Joan says:

    I loved the little story about these two in your newsletter. My two boys are grown up grumpy cats. I miss kittens!

  2. Shelly says:

    So precious, I just want to snuggle with them!

  3. Wheezay says:

    that is just too sweet, my two cats will be all cuddly and the next minute they’re fighting…ugh..gotta love kitties. :heart:

  4. Ulrike says:

    My son says they look like a yin-yang sign.

  5. JC says:

    Those two kittens are so cute together … meant to be :help:

  6. Nancy says:

    aww…. too cute! I have 2 yr old black siblings that I fostered and bottle fed for the Humane Society (yup, they never made it back). When they lay like that it looks like one huge cat with two heads! I do foster care so I never run out of kitties! It’s great. People say “I love kittens but they grow into cats”…my Grandson says “not at Nanas…they’re always kittens!”

  7. Melissa Marsh says:

    Awwww…there is nothing better than sleeping kittens. Makes me think I need to get another cat, though the one I have now might not like having to share me with another kitty…

  8. Helen says:

    Every time I see pictures of your kittens, I want to get a new kitten myself, but I got new curtains not too long ago and don’t want them to get shredded…the last kitten I had (who is now a glorious cat) was a terrible curtain-climber, God bless her naughty little heart.

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