Solving the Problem


I’m obsessing over the culvert pipes. We’re having the pipes excavated soon to address this problem, and hopefully keep it from re-occurring. When I’m not obsessing over pipe plans, I’m getting ready for this weekend. I’ll have 20 people altogether over two separate workshop days on Saturday and Sunday. The number of workshops I’m giving this year is mind-boggling, and I learn something every time and try to make the next one even better. Meanwhile, I gotta go bake brownies for 20.


  1. Cousin Mark says:

    Look down the road and see if your creek crosses the road near the house. If that pipe does not back up then you know the size diameter pipe to put in. The square foot of the pipe is important. You might consider a short pipe and then put the creek bed back to a natural flow through the barn lot. If you want design help holler at me Mark

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