Space Available


I’m surprised there’s only one chicken on there! Cookie Doe could fit two or three or ten more!


  1. NancyL says:

    I love that your goats let chickens rest on their backs! I’ll bet the hens give a great massage…..

  2. chickenherd says:

    Haha! Someday Cookie Doe will look back on her pregnancy pics with her kid(s) and say, “Look what you did to me!!” :happyflower:

  3. STH says:

    Look at the grin on her face! I love it!

  4. Granny Trace says:

    :snoopy: so sweet. i just feel the love!

  5. Flowerpower says:

    I do believe she is smiling! Maybe she thinks it’s funny to have a chicken on her back! :happyflower:

  6. joykenn says:

    Can she GET any wider? Twins, triplets, a basketball team?

  7. DancesInGarden says:

    Do the goats even seem to realize they have a hitchhiker LOL?

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