Speaking of Horses


We were, weren’t we? Or not. But let’s start!

I headed out to the upper pasture for a photo shoot with the horses this afternoon. Casper came with me. He wasn’t helpful, but eventually he found a truly awesome stick and left me alone.

It’s hard to take a picture of Zip. She’s always this close.

Then there’s Shortcake.

Not gonna look at me, not gonna look at me, not gonna look at me…..


She looked!

Then she hid behind Zip. You know, in case I whipped out a halter from my pocket or something.

Speaking of horses–and now we were!

Here my latest Chevy Culture article–it’s about ideas for taking horse vacations. Click here for the story! Chevy Culture is a lifestyle and auto site sponsored by Chevrolet.

(Please click that link because that will let them know you read my pieces on their site, which makes them want to keep buying articles from me. Thank you!)


  1. TeaCup says:


    Hadn’t read any of the articles before, thanks for the link! You ever get to the farm in Troy, NH I’ll buy you lunch (or dinner or . . .) it’s fairly close by!

    What I did was read the article you linked to then did a search on your name. What is the thing with the dots on the right side for?

    Thanks again —

  2. Leah says:

    Speaking of horses…..Im gonna click the link now! lol

  3. yvonnem says:

    I always click the link (and read the article) when you have it in your post. You are such an excellent writer, I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t want to continue buying your articles.

    I can hardly wait to read your book when it comes out next year! :snoopy:

  4. princessvanessa says:

    Very good article. A few days ago I noticed an ad for the countertop Nu-Wave cooking elememt. I opened up the ad and ordered 2 of them as well as the cookware. I hope that Nu-Wave recognized that they were purchased thru the ad on your blog and either continues to advertize with you or ups the amount they pay for the ad. I know you said before that the ads do not pay you much at all.
    I should be receiving them tomorrow or Monday.

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