Speaking of Old Bottles


Betty, a reader here, sent me this old Rumford baking powder bottle.

Years ago, she lived on Chincoteague Island in Virginia and dug many old bottles from an abandoned house site. This Rumford bottle is one of those. She believes the bottle is from the late 1800s or early 1900s.

If you’re wondering about scale, the bottle is about 4 1/2 inches tall.

And awesome! Thank you, Betty!


  1. Jennifer Robin says:

    I adore old blue bottles. What a wonderful specimen! Hmm, maybe I should get started on my garden and see what I dig up 😆

  2. Katharina says:

    Oooooh! I love old glass. And most of it is affordable. Nice find. Just beautiful-it will look great all cleaned up.

  3. mmhoney says:

    It seems the Old Rumford Cookbooks trail continues.
    Who would have thunk it. ha ha MMHoney

  4. B. Ruth says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!….’cause plastic on the lids is not old to me…he he yep, I’m old….not that the Wagners are not nice and older…have sold many of them in my antiquing adventures…but now the blue and brown and faded that require cork stoppers are old….
    Take some grains (several) and some good hot water with a little bleach or good liquid soap..put in the jar and shake, shake, shake..shake your booty..err bottle…It should come clean…can also use small amount of aquarium gravel it acts as a scouring aid inside the bottle, if really dirty!…I usually do mine until I am happy with it..most dirt will come out but not always…at least it is sterilized with the bleach…LOL
    Let dry, hunt an old cork for the top and your’re good to go…can also stain the cork with tea or coffee for an older vintage look.
    Lucky you!!!

  5. B. Ruth says:

    The old kicked in I tell you….the grains in my comment is supposed to be grains of rice…first then if real dirty use aquarium gravel….sorry about that….

  6. holstein woman says:

    B Ruth, I use denture cleaner also, It does a pretty good job especially on flower vases that are nasty that you can’t get your hadn into. The tablets you drop into water in a denture box and leave overnight. When you get up in the morning they are clean, same goes for the vases.

  7. Dianna says:

    Lots of good ideas here about cleaning old bottles.

    I recently found an old Rumford slotted spoon when going through my late aunt’s belongings.

  8. texwisgirl says:

    Oh that’s a FANTASTIC gift! An almost one-of-a-kinder kindness!

  9. Shelly says:

    I like old bottles like that. Just recently I started collecting sea glass to make jewelry and art projects. Nice color too!

  10. Marci Zinn says:

    Chincoteague Island brought a smile to my face on this rainy day in Ohio. My brother stayed there for a few months when he graduated High School. He was there to help get a little church going, then heading to college. We went there to visit him, then went back many times later to visit. Love it there so much. 🙂

  11. Linda says:

    Cool bottle….Cool gift! :shimmy:

  12. whaledancer says:

    Very cool. Very nice of Betty to share it with you so you could share it with us. You’re going to be the Rumford queen!

  13. Rosemeri says:

    I have a Rumford bottle exactly like yours. It’s been sitting on my kitchen window ledge for a good many years now. I love the blue color. It keeps company with several other vintage bottles of various colors on that ledge. I’m glad you have one too. 😀

  14. heidiannie says:

    I’m here on Chincoteague Island, getting my niece’s home ready for summer renters- I’ve been coming for weeks at a time for 35 years, but never had an occasion to dig. When we do the landscaping next week, I’ll be looking for something to treasure! Lol.

  15. Tori Lennox says:

    I love old bottles and jars!

  16. Ramona says:

    Cool! Many a old bottle has been dug up.

  17. Deidre' says:

    Love the blue bottle! It is beautiful! How fortunate to find such a treasure.

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