Speaking Too Soon


Your honor, I present the evidence.
The farmer was optimistic, as usual, when she posted this yesterday.
She spoke too soon. There is yet work to be done.
Maia: “Yes, there is so much work to do! I’ve barely started eating this garden!”

Judge: ::sound of gavel banging down::


  1. nursemary says:

    Why did I see this coming? 😀 Love it!

  2. Dghawk says:

    Yep! Figured that was coming. It’s like they turn into a liquid or a vapor and just flow through. Amazing. Never underestimate an animal that wants to be free. Especially one very spoiled, pink tutu wearing goat. :sheepjump:

  3. Auntie Linda says:

    She’s so cute! I would totally let her eat the shrubbery in my garden, just for the joy of watching her.

  4. nursemary says:

    I am curious about the role of the livestock guardian dog in all this. An accomplice perhaps? I think it deserves a closer look myself. :yes:

  5. holstein woman says:

    I think you’re right nursemary. Likely dog is the leader, hahahaha

  6. Joell says:

    Maia is so cuye, I am begining to think there is no way to keep her penned in. She is just keeping the shrubs trimmed, did you ask her what wine pairs nicley with gardenfare? :eating:

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