Spring View


Looking down on the farm from a walk in the upper pasture.


  1. brookdale says:

    Just beautiful! If you ever decide to do a calendar again this one should definitely be on it. (Hint hint) 🙂

  2. mtnmedx says:

    I second that motion!

  3. brookdale says:

    Suzanne, we miss you! Hope everything is OK with you and your family and farm. I know you are very busy this time of year with the new animal babies plus your Etsy business. Do you have a veg. garden too?
    Please let us know how you are whenever you can!

  4. Louise says:

    I agree with Brookdale. We haven’t heard from you in a while. Just making sure everything is alright with you and yours. We miss you. Check for a post daily. I too know that you are very busy.

    Happy 1st day of June from Alabama.

  5. CATRAY44 says:

    “Almost heaven, Weat Virginia…”

  6. yvonnem says:

    I gotta speak up and join in with Brookdale and Louise – sure miss you and am starting to get worried. I too know that you are extremely busy with the farm, workshops and Etsy, but please just say “Hi” and let us know all is well. :heart:

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