Stairs Update!


Check out the stairs! I’m so happy with how the stain project came out.

Someone asked if I would varnish them. No. I think, for the space here, they are perfect at this point. (If the stairs were in some other area of my house, yes, I would varnish them. But I’m creating a more rustic space here, and for that, I think varnish would be too much.) The only thing they need is a second hand rail on the other side and this area is good to go! (I stained the hand rail also. As someone noted, this is a sturdy hand rail. Not pretty, but sturdy. I like it–for this space. It’s staying, with a twin added on the other side.)


  1. rainss61 says:

    Wow!! great job–beautiful stairs! I covet your basement!!~mines an old deary dirt job-with usually a trout stream running thru-minus the trout!!

  2. Liz Pike says:

    They look great, Suzanne! (I’ve got that same food mill in the last picture on the right ;))

  3. MMT says:

    The stairs look great. I love the rustic look.

  4. Rose H says:

    Rustic-posh! I like that… 😆
    Seriously, you’ve made a good job of then Suzanne, your basement is looking incedible, a credit to all the hard work you’re putting in and it’s not like you’ve nothing else to do :bugeyed:

  5. Granny Trace says:

    :happyflower: They look great Suzaane. Love the finished look.
    Granny Trace

  6. IowaCowgirl says:

    They are perfect! Nice job.

  7. NancyL says:

    I love the stairs! And as someone who walks with a cane, has bad knees and avoids stairs if at all possible, I definitely would appreciate a sturdy handrail over any other consideration! It will be fabulous when you can add the twin.

    You’ve done wonders!!!

  8. enjay says:

    I really like the stairs and think they look great just as they are. I would consider putting a coat of something on them to protect them from the higher humidity in a basement, especially with a lot of cooking going on around them. Perhaps a matte finish varnish/coating would work without detracting from their charm?

  9. GrammieEarth says:

    Perfect!! Love the stairs :sun:

    …no need for varnish (can peel, can need to be removed etc) Stain can be recoated in a couple of years with little prep work… if you want to hide the wear & tear! I think you will appreciate ‘the wear & tear’ everytime you pop a seal on any one of your home canned delights!!!

    🙂 Pam

  10. whaledancer says:

    Very good. The stairs really look nice, well finished.

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