Standing in Line


Zip, waiting her turn to get into the outdoor access stall in the back barn yard to the hay feeder. Shortcake’s inside, having lunch, while BP is mooing, knowing she’s last. This is why I’m having a shelter with a feeder built in the “park” field (formerly where I kept the sheep) so I can move the horses. The outdoor access stall in the back barn yard was originally intended for the cows. The horses will be happier back in the field, with their own shelter and feeder, and the cows will be a lot happier, too!

(I can’t open it up and let them all roam around the front and back barn yards for more room. The one time I let the horses in the front barn yard, Zip started chasing Dumplin.)


  1. GrammieEarth says:

    :yes: Thinking ahead, getting it done, refit when necessary! Never again should you concern yourself with that ‘am i a farmer’ question. Your fast (on/off) boots fit you well!! :moo:


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