Staring Contest


On winter mornings, the animals stare. And stare. And STARE. They want their feed, and their hay. And staring is their weapon of choice.

Oh, yes, there is some mooing. Some bleating. Some baa-ing and some neigh-ing. But it’s the staring. They are expert at the staring!


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  1. Joell says:

    :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

    Now there is something to consider, a staring down with a chicken, sort of like arm wrestling between humans 😆
    Aminals are so much fun to watch.

  2. Missrutheaileen says:

    I always wonder what animals thinking.
    Every so often a staring animal freaks me out. My grandmother use to have Banty chickens and one particular rooster loved to chase me. Never look him in the eyes was my motto. Thanks for sharing about your quirky animals

  3. nursemary says:

    I walk around in the dark in the mornings. If I turn on a single light in the house, the donkeys start braying for food! :hissyfit:

  4. Dalyn says:

    My horses stare me down through the windows over the fences when my son is late doing chores. The goats just scream blue murder. So tragic and dramatic.

  5. emmachisett says:

    My big mistake was making friends with the chickadees in my realm! I felt sorry for them when it dipped to -30C…I threw out some chopped nuts! Now as soon as they detect any movement inside the house or a light goes on…they get very active, some even hovering outside the window and grabbing onto the screen…looking in! They are almost like hummingbirds…and they “get” me again. Oh well! Hard to tell if they are “staring” with their little black eyes but I feel the glare!

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