Starts with an S


That’s what 52 always says when he brings me something and I ask what it is. He says it starts with a P or an S or a G. (Present, Surprise, Gift.) This time it was a vintage K5-A Kitchen-Aid mixer!!!!!!

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  1. princessvanessa says:

    A surprise! A very nice surprise. I have an old Kitchen-Aid, even older than yours (it doesn’t have the “arms” to each side of the bowl). It’s the same color, though. It’s a great kitchen tool and you can get attachments. Too cool.

  2. German Karisma says:

    That is SO neat! I have one of those also. They are really great! Mine doesn’t have the arms either, but I don’t think that that matters much. I also have lots of add ons for it. One of the best kitchen machines ever invented. :sun:

  3. glenda says:

    I have Mom’s old KA-5. Great machine. Better than the newer ones. I think I have stripped some gears using it to make bread. I just have a few speeds left but it still works great.

    Wonderful gift! This man is a treasure.

  4. Yankee Gal says:

    Oh my – what a beauty! That 52 is a real peach!

  5. Angelia M says:

    What a great guy that 52 is 🙂 Enjoy!!!! I love mine – only use it once a year right now – but I love it 🙂

  6. Pete says:

    You are going to LOVE it!!! And you have sooo much more flexibility with the larger bowl. I have the smaller one, and use it all the time, for all sorts of things. I just have to watch how much flour is added – you won’t have to be that careful.


  7. Liz in Wis says:

    I think you and your guy, make a great couple 🙂

  8. LauraP says:

    Lucky you! The vintage models are better than the newer ones, in my experience. Love the attachment choices we have now though.

  9. DragonLady says:

    Congratulations! I love my Kitchen-Aid and I think of all my years of cooking without this great appliance, (sigh). The dough hook is fantastic and I never knead dough anymore! You just let that baby go…

  10. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    You lucky gal!!!! You better share that lemon curd layer cake with him for that!

    And I wanted to tell you that I have made that 4 layer strawberry dreamsicle cake 5 times since you posted the recipe and people go crazy over it! I even got a death threat from one of my uncles because of it. He said I’m going to have to kill you if you ever come to a family dinner again and don’t bring this cake!

  11. joy says:

    Are you kidding me? What a keeper, ie. Both the mixer AND 52!!!!!

  12. Amy says:

    Where does 52 always find all this great stuff??

    I wanna start going shopping with him. He seems to have good luck.

  13. Tanya says:

    So totally SWEET!!! Lucky girl. I’ve wanted a kitchen-aid forever and always can’t justify it, so I use my hand mixer and blender, lol! One day!

  14. Cate says:

    Ooh, how neat! I’ve got an old kitchen-aid mixer from the 40s that my neighbor gave me. The beaters are huge!

  15. MMT says:

    You are so lucky to have both 52 and the Kitchen-Aid!

  16. rileysmom says:

    Wowzers! What a guy! You’re going to LOVE it! And 52 will LOVE everything you make in it!

  17. Kathie says:

    Mine is almost twenty years old. I do not know how I would live without it. I even make my dogs’ biscuits now because it is do easy.

  18. DonnaTN says:

    What a wonderful surprise from 52! He is a man who knows your heart.

  19. Nona says:

    Wow what a nice man!! Correct me it I am wrong but Ithought you already had a Kitchenaid mixer??
    Enjoy your weekend! Happy farming.. :duck:

  20. Pat says:

    My Kitchen Aid Mixer is my Favorite toy! Enjoy!

  21. Alexandra says:

    Lucky, lucky girl!! I´ve wanted one for years!!Well, maybe hubbie will read this and take the hint. These mixers are horribly expensive here in Argentina, I must see if I can find a used one. Good for 52. :dancingmonster:

  22. Denise says:

    I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that my Mom got me for my birthday 3 years ago! I LOVE it and can’t imagine not haveing one now. My 4 year old daughter has already told me that I “can give that to her when I get too old to cook” lol

  23. Sandy says:

    You are gonna love it.

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