Still Nothing


Update on Cookie Doe: There is no update. She’s still here, still pregnant, still not having babies. She’s one of those goats who, like some women, look very content pregnant, as if it’s their life’s work and they think naught of their own discomfort, only of their precious babes.

You should hear Clover and Nutmeg talking trash about her.


  1. Barbee says:

    That is the sweetest face!

  2. yvonnem says:

    She is a beautiful goat, and she realy does look content!

  3. chickenherd says:

    Awww! Who was the pappa goat again?

  4. marrypoppinz says:

    She looks so happy…even smiling!

  5. yvonnem says:

    I must be mistaken, I thought she was already pregnant when you got her!???

  6. CarrieJ says:

    Maybe she thinks she’s a Duggar and wants to make 20 of those babies 🙂

  7. holstein woman says:

    She has such a sweet face, like a baby herself.

  8. JerseyMom says:

    honestly, she looks content! if I felt the same I’d not rush into delivering either!

  9. Darlene in North GA says:

    I’ve had a crappy, frustrating day trying to get on-line paperwork filled out for a job with the VA. I’ve been unemployed for over a year and this job is right up my alley. But as GOOD as I am on a computer and figuring things out, I was tearing my hair out over how things were (or WEREN’T) setup – for EIGHT HOURS. Don’t know how people who don’t know much about computers apply! FINALLY got ‘er done (I think/hope).

    I finally got to reading your blog at 2:3pm and literally giggled out loud! Thanks, I needed that!

    This is such a sweet picture. I vote it for the 2013 calendar! You can make the theme Pregnant at Stringtown Rising Farm – or mamas and babies. Or both! Do a split picture. One of mama preggers and the other with her baby(ies).

    lol Make this picture of Cookie Doe the cover girl. Clover will be jealous, but she’ll just have to get over it or learn serenity. Perhaps Yoga lessons would help her. All together now….Ommmmmm……

  10. Flowerpower says:

    She has a pretty face to go with that round belly. Oh I figure she will surprise you one morning with a new little package.She seems pretty content right now! :happyflower:

  11. stacylee says:

    She says, “If you want these babies to be healthy and strong, they will need a few more weeks of cookies!”

  12. Rosemeri says:

    She is gorgeous. What a sweet face she has.

  13. wildcat says:

    Cookie Doe is smiling for the camera! I wonder if she would like to do some modeling like her sister Clover? Maybe the two of them could get all gussied up in tiaras and feather boas for the next calendar shoot? :yes:

  14. wickedgoodshari says:

    Clover and Nutmeg’s trash talking was totally justified I heard… from a little bird.

  15. mamawolf says:

    Thanks for the update in the OB department. But… about Pokey? Or was it a false alarm?

  16. VAfarmer says:

    Suzanne – I’m with yvonnem – I thought Cookie Doe was pregnant when you brought her home?

    If so, you can ask her previous owners about when they had her in with the buck. My Nubians have been kidding RIGHT AT 150 days. And they all went into heat (6 of them) within the past week… so April is going to be a busy month for me!

  17. Karo says:

    Clover has always been my favorite but Cookie Doe is giving her a run for her money! Such a sweet face!

  18. Linda Goble says:

    She looks like she is waiting patiently, no worries in her face. When is that Pokey going to have hers. I hope nothing went wrong. I want to see a little Pokey or Jack. :happyflower:

  19. Angela P says:

    Your Cookie Doe and my Miss Tilly are on the same thought pattern, holding! Everyday I expect to see a baby or two, instead a very plump goat!

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