I stocked up on two cases of Oliverio peppers direct from the Oliverio warehouse in Clarksburg, WV. I’m ready for a nuclear holocaust, a snowstorm, or World War III. I have peppers.


  1. Thunja says:

    give us link so that we can order those peppers too

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Oliverio’s doesn’t have a website, but you can order the peppers by phone. 304-622-4959. Or, you can pick them up directly from their warehouse in Clarksburg, which is what we did. If you or someone you know can be in Clarksburg to get them (which is the cheapest way–no shipping costs!) they can give you directions when you call.

    • BuckeyeGirl says:

      I found Oleverio peppers at our local “Giant Eagle” here in Ohio… just in vinegar though, not the kind in sauce. I’m going to try to get them to special order the right kind, good thing is if they carry one product, maybe they’ll be able to get other items easier. I’m not confident that they’ll get them any time soon though. In the mean time, I did find this source on the web, of course, shipping and all might be prohibitive.

      I’m going to try to get my SIL to bring up at least one case since she lives near Charleston… not sure how far that is from Clarksburg, and she’s very busy so we’ll see! I hate to impose though cause she bends over backwards to do things for WAY too many people and I don’t want to dump more trouble on her.

  2. Katharina says:

    You are indeed a Wise Woman to stock up for hard times and normal times. It is good not to forget some of the family faves. What would your pepperoni hot pockets be without these peppers?

  3. Bev says:

    I will have to send you my Mom’s recipe for making peppers and sauce. It taste almost like Oliverio’s and you can make as much as you want or as hot as you want. It is yummy!!!

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