Stowed Away


The hay elevator is now stashed UNDER the barn!

It’s out of the weather–and I don’t have to look at it.

It can be pulled out just the way it went in–with the tractor–when it’s needed this time next year. Perfect! My final hay haul will be stored in the lower floor of the barn.

My hay man is baling and we’re off to pick up out of the field!


  1. Jan Hodges says:

    I’m really glad you got that out of the way. I wondered when I saw your animal kids playing on it how long it would take for someone to get hurt. I was really glad it wasn’t much worse. It’s neat the way it stores under the barn.

  2. easygoinglady says:

    Has to be a wonderful feeling to have all that hay stowed away before fall. Such a good feeling to know you are ready way ahead of time.

  3. wvhomecanner says:

    awww, what will the ‘kids’ do for fun, now? 😆
    Sure was fun seeing them play on that thing – but yes,probably not the safest toy…..

  4. mds9 says:

    Wow it fits under the barn, like the barn was built for it.
    Aren’t you glad you have a tractor. What a neat old barn.

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