Just a quick note to say I’m kind of struggling at the moment to deal with everything. My gas is frozen off now. I’ll be back as soon as I can.


  1. DeniseS says:

    Hope you get everything fixed. This Winter has been a tough one in so many places.

  2. holstein woman says:

    My heart goes out to you people on the east coast. We have had NONE here in Oregon.

  3. Dawn says:

    Here in the interior of British Columbia we have had several large dumps of snow to dig out from under but none at present. however I am sending you warm thoughts and gentle hugs. About that rat – put out a bowl of booze for him and when he is sleeping it off — eveict him lol

    we had a boarder one winter and he brought some boxes he had in storage – my son caught no less than 9 mice in our home over the next month – one was in the drawer under my oven!! when I opened the drawer I don’t know who screamed louder – him or me.

    Praying all is well and everyone is good – hang in there and thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  4. starmartin says:

    You have proven yourself to be a very strong person. Although times are tough right now, you are tougher. This is just one thing life is throwing at you. The only way it can go now is UP!!!

    Hang in there girl, and this too shall pass!!!

    Wish I could be there to help you!!!

  5. abhaya says:

    From across the USA in Oregon again. My thoughts are with you. I can remember a few winters here under the house, with a hair dryer and a LOOOONG extension cord trying to thaw out pipes. One time when my husband was taking his turn he just asked for a sleeping bag and hot drinks and planned on camping under there till the job was done. Think about how wonderful all that lovely firewood you have so carefully stored is coming in handy now I’ll bet!

  6. lattelady says:

    The cold weather is one of two reasons why I moved to the Seattle area last fall. Our warmest weather on record. I have so admired your grit and determination over the past years, I know I could not do it.
    Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  7. MousE says:

    Oh Suzanne! Fingers crossed that you and all your animals are doing ok. Hang in there, we shall hope all is well.

  8. trudyh says:

    Gas was the one utility I thought could be counted on in power failures… Hope your wood(?) stove is working and the animals are okay.

    Wind chill of -27 in my area yesterday. I am going crazy, personally.

  9. funraiser says:

    Good morning, i could bring you a generator but it might take awhile since i have to drive from Ripley in this snow. Just let me know.

    I just saw your short video. I love the part about loving to live here although the rest of the world doesn’t get it.


  10. funraiser says:

    Oh contact info please use my email that i registered with. Good luck!

    Dave :devil:

  11. funraiser says:

    Oops devil was a mistake that’s funny

  12. Joell says:

    HOW MANY DAYS TILL SPRING??? I though I heard 28 days this morning on the weather forcast–we are in the midst of “the worst snow fall of the season” The one saving grace is that the weather service is able to let us know what is ahead so we can plan a bit, we could have never made t out today, luckily our Son was able to pick up all that we needed yesterday, so we are good—for the time being. I feel so bad for those that ar suffering with this weather, it is the worst winter I remember for several years.
    Suzanne–thank goodness you have plenty of firewood and electric heaters. Be careful.

  13. Jersey Lady says:

    Oh Suzanne-I love you dearly, but sometimes I think you should pack it in on this place. You needed it at the time you bought it but maybe it is time to move on.
    We have owned more than a dozen places in almost 50 years. Our work has taken us all around the country so we know a money/work/worry pit when we see one. We easily have looked at more than a hundred places over the years. This one seems hell-bent on sucking the life out of you.
    I know it all makes for good reading and many of your followers are all wrapped up in the romantic idea of country life. But honestly, it does not and should not have to be this hard. All of our places combined have not caused us any where near the troubles you have had to deal with.

  14. Jersey Lady says:

    Oops, that post got away from me when Kitty walked on my keyboard. Sorry about that. Anyway, could you maybe sell off the old place and build a new house and building on the other side of the road? Or find another property to begin again? It just hurts me to see your never ending problems. I just want you to be able to have time and energy to enjoy more and get ahead more with your hopes and dreams. Sending hugs and all good wishes. Whatever happens, please know we(Hubby and I) are pulling for you. Gloria and Bruce

  15. Launi says:

    I’m glad you’re ok. Just wanted to tell you that you have a really beautiful home. Just finished your book. :]

  16. glgoolsby says:

    Country living is a challenge! That’s why most of us do it, it’s the sense of well being and accomplishment that you get when at the end of the day you can say… “I made it”. Also, the longer that we hang in, the easier it gets. Frozen pipes, no gas, and sporadic electricity is not as scary to us, because we have “weathered the storm” before and we know how to face and get through it. Our forefather’s got by with a lot less and prospered. I admire you Suzanne, because you have made it, and you have your own little block of paradise to show for it. Remember spring is just around the corner, get out the seeds and start planning the garden!

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