Studio Benefit Results


Remember the studio grand opening with the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue benefit? The money raised that day provided the funds to support this rescue. (Some of the photos are difficult to look at, if you prefer a warning.)

Thank you for supporting horse rescue! You saved that horse!


  1. bonita says:

    Great work, Animal rescue organizations deserve al the help we can scrape together. Do you know rescue history of Patriot and Zip?

  2. amateisgal says:

    I am so glad that poor girl was rescued!

  3. Jersey Lady says:

    Aww…Poor Girl! Praise the Lord she has been rescued! Well done!

  4. yvonnem says:

    Unbelievable! Thank you for updating us. Very sad that this happens to any animal, but grateful for HOP and all the other rescue groups out there.

    I am so glad I was able to donate. I’m going to try to donate on a regular basis.

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