Grilling is one of those things, like mowing, that I’ve never quite accomplished. I have a gas grill and a charcoal grill, and inspired by my mowing, I decided this was the year I was going to stop being afraid of my grills. I’m working up to the gas grill…. I started with the charcoal grill.

It makes food so delicious.


  1. Anita says:

    Stick with charcoal. I think the taste is SO much better! Gas is okay, but charcoal really gives it that wood-fired flavor.

  2. Granma2girls says:

    After my gas grill went, I used only a charcoal grill. While I loved the flavor, it was inconvenient to just throw on a couple of hot dogs for lunch. So after 3 summers, I bought a good gas grill. Haven’t looked back since. And if I really want that flavor, then I’ll build that charcoal fire.

  3. Leck Kill Farm says:

    For me, the convenience of a gas grill beats out the favor/smell of charcoal.

    Unsolicited ass-vice – When doing kabobs, I find it easier to keep like items together. For example- peppers cook at a different rate than shrimp.

  4. MousE says:

    Gas grills with the big tanks of propane freak me out. However I did buy a small masterchef that takes the little green bottles, and it’s amazing. It’s all about the regulator, I’ve learned. Having said that, I cannot use charcoal as I live in a townhouse complex. But if I could I would get a smoker, like the Weber big green egg. Oh my. have fun!

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