Super Squash


As opposed to my non-existent pepper seedlings, my squash is doing super! I can look at it from morning to evening and see it grow every day. I’m having such a good time watching all my veggies growing this year.

Bush beans:
Pole beans:
How does your garden grow?


  1. Louise says:

    Looking good. My squash never comes up that good. We have tomatoes and peppers planted. Hope to get beans and squash going this weekend. Any news on the cows? Any babies coming soon? Have a wonderful day.

  2. bumblebee says:

    That looks wonderful! SO exciting! I LOVE seeing your garden pix. Thanks for sharing. I picked up parsley seeds and zucchini seeds today to plant in little cups to get them started inside. Have to figure out where I can put the squash though, as there are deer, groundhogs, etc. to eat anything I put out and if I put anything on my deck, the neighbor’s cat will pee on it! Including my front door…… I did see something new I’d love to get though. Big plastic pots that actually sit over/onto deck railings. Perfect!!

  3. Joell says:

    We have not planted our garden yet, the weather has been so unstable, last night we were so close to having a frost. I have rhubarb plants that will go into the ground by the week end. There are several bags of manure waiting to be tilled into the garden this weekend and hopfully next week we can start to plant. Two days ago we had very bad storms with winds nearly 70mph and large hail, so glad the garden wasn’t in as yet. Crazy weather.

  4. holstein woman says:

    Your garden is looking pretty amazing. Very nice work.
    I have cucumbers, corn, beans runner and french bush, delicata squash, radishes, kale, 2 kinds of potatoes, peas, strawberries and garlic and green onions, collards, pok choy, 3 kinds of peppers and Walla Walla onions. I just picked the onion heads to dry for my green onions I sold last year. Tomorrow carrots, butternut squash and cauliflower go in if the creek doesn’t rise and I get the time.
    I have to tell you not everything is rosy in Oregon on the Olson farm. 3 Steers got out the other day and one of them ate the tops off of my pansies and one walked through the corn and beans. And one of them knocked over my wall o waters with the peppers in them. Those are raised beds made for silo rounds and the tops are 16 inches off the ground.
    I still have scarlet runner beans to plant and a whole 6 foot bed of carrots so I can feed Donk the donkey all year. I’m planning to plant 3 packets and hope for the best so I have enough for him for the year.
    Love your gardening, it really is nice.

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