Surprise Bagels


This scene occurs more and more often. It’s very odd!
It’s Morgan–
–in the kitchen (studio kitchen)–
–cooking! Baking! This time, she was making bagels. All by herself. I didn’t help at all, only popped in to take a few pictures. She made garlic and sesame seed bagels, and cinnamon-sugar bagels.
She said she wanted bagels for breakfast, and she was going to make them herself. This from the girl who not too long ago constantly declared she didn’t like to cook. In the past year, she’s been cooking more and more. She is my child, after all!

The only bad part was that when she finished making the bagels?
She packed them all up to take to school and I didn’t get a single one!

I wuz robbed!

P.S. I whined, then she gave me a bagel!


  1. Faith says:

    You had to choose? Torture! I bet it was wonderful!

  2. bonita says:

    It takes real guts for a daughter to cook by herself when she has a mom who’s an excellent over-achieving cook! Good for Morgan…and good for you!

  3. ticka1 says:

    is the recipe on your site?

  4. Lucann says:

    Those really look good..Good job Morgan!! :sun:

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