Surprised Again


So, last we heard from Ross, he was headed out to sea, first for a short at-sea then a long LONG at-sea and we didn’t expect to see our erstwhile hero until after the first of the year. But then he got back from the short at-sea and they decided they wanted him to take a couple training classes. Meanwhile, his sub got underway on the long LONG at-sea, leaving him behind for now. Then one of the classes was cancelled. So then he showed up in my driveway!

Without explaining any of this to me OR telling me he was coming beforehand, OF COURSE. He likes to SURPRISE me. And so Ross is home for TWO WEEKS! Then he goes back for the other class then he will be flown overseas to meet his sub and I really won’t see him again until after the first of the year.

Unless something changes and he doesn’t tell me and he just shows up at my back door.

Because we never know, really.

MEANWHILE. My power has been out since yesterday, just got it back this afternoon. This week is shaping up pretty rough here. I’m behind on everything, and needing to focus on getting ready for workshops this weekend. And keeping my Navy boy fed. Back as I can!


  1. MsJanJ says:

    What a beautiful surprise for MOM. Now you can spoil him and do your mom thing that you do OH SO PERFECTLY. The stress of having your children away from home out of shouting distance can cause grey hair, I know that from experience. I see the four leggers are taking note of his presence and seem perfectly content with that. Have fun Suzanne, in spite of the aggravation of electrical issues, which you are so well schooled in. I know that you will be cooking and doing what you love to do. A MOM never loses her touch when it comes to her children and nurturing them, no matter at what age they return to the roost for a spell.

    We are glad to see Ross and know that he is doing obviously well.
    Stay happy and be safe, Suzanne. We send our love to you and your family, including all the little heart beats that do not qualify as humans but are children as well.


  2. LSKeller says:

    As a Navy mom myself, I appreciate your entries that include your son. Enjoy having him home. What a wonderful surprise.

  3. NancyL says:

    Great picture of Ross. Either he really likes farm work, or he really LOVES his Mom! I’m glad he’s with you now. Please tell him I’m proud of all he’s doing.

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Remudamom says:

    My mom heart is happy for you.

  5. SanAntonioSue says:

    Awwww, what a wonderful surprise for you!! The fact that he comes back each time to “home” should tell ya something, even if he doesn’t. (I have all boys also, 😉

  6. SanAntonioSue says:

    Oops, also meant to say….Feed him as many of his favorites as you can, sweet boy!! And we all love him!! 🙂

  7. Cheryl LeMay says:

    That is a really great surprise especially after all the nasty ones you’ve been getting lately. Enjoy!

  8. CATRAY44 says:

    I am very happy for all of you!

  9. MousE says:

    Oh my! I’m sorry about your power outage, but very happy your Ross is home for two whole weeks! :snoopy: That makes up for the power being out I bet! :dancingmonster:

  10. holstein woman says:

    Yeah, thank you God for Ross’s safety and coming home for 2 whole weeks. We are BLESSED for your service Ross, Thank you.

  11. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    That is the best kind of surprise! Enjoy him for the next two weeks!

  12. Joell says:

    :woof: :woof:
    They do the darnest thing—this was a good thing. I am glad he is home to visit with you.

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