Target Practice


This past weekend (Thursday to Saturday) was a short doe season here in West Virginia. I did a little target shooting before going out. They say the “kill zone” on a deer is about the size of a paper plate, so I was playing with a paper plate. I’m not that great of a shot, and I wasn’t even shooting that far.
I was just shooting off the studio deck. Obviously, I need more practice. (And I was just using my .22 here.) The cows, from the other side of the fence, were curious about my shenanigans. (Yes, there IS a fence line separating the cows from the target area, though it’s hard to see it in the picture.)

Pretty sure they’re giving me the evil eye here.
I didn’t get a deer–though I got close to one, and didn’t even take a shot because I didn’t have a clear shot. The deer around here are pretty safe from me, I’m thinking! But I try, and it’s fun to try. To celebrate “the trying” I went to Cabela’s.
Because I totally deserved (nay, NEEDED) this hunter’s blaze orange cowboy hat!


  1. Joell says:

    I am always so happy when hunting season is over! Since our property backs up to a very large woods, we see hunter walking around at the end of our property and it is a very umsettling sight, especially since one of our neighbors had a bullet hole in the side of their home from a hunter. I also worry about children and pets, not that they should be in the woods. I would think there would be laws about how close to home a hunter can discharge their guns.
    I just be happy when the season is over.

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Joell, there ARE laws about how close to a dwelling someone can shoot. If it’s your own dwelling, that’s different, but it’s against the law to shoot within a certain number of feet or yards of someone else’s dwelling. (I can’t remember what the number is.)

  2. Cousin Mark says:

    In West Virginia the no shooting zone is 500 feet from a building, house, church, ect and illegal to shoot across any public road. Remember to have a safe backstop and do not shoot at hard surfaces,rocks,metal,or water. Remember ear and eye protection. Have fun and be safe.

  3. Cousin Mark says:

    Can deer point with their front hooves and can they laugh out loud?? They will probably die of laughter with that cowboy camo in flame orange. Remember you need 400 square inches of blaze orange but how do you measure a Hat? Count brim top and bottom, with crown??????

  4. trudyh says:

    Joell, gunshots can be heard at my house during hunting season, although we seem to be out of range. Everytime one of the (deleted) things goes off, my pets and the animals I feed on the deck flinch. I thank God I’m not living close to the woods.

    People who own woods around here often have signs up every five feet at the property lines, No Hunting. Some times I speculate about why they need that many, and my conclusion is not flattering to hunters.

  5. Old Geezer says:

    That’s not a bad grouping, assuming you did not fire off 50 rounds in order to get to that point. Since they seem consistently high, I’d recommend having a knowledgeable gun nut, ah, person, adjust the sights for you. And maybe do it for your hunting piece as well, if it hadn’t already been done. Best to have a good idea before squeezing one off as to where the slug will likely end up.

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