Tastes Like Chicken


I’m just kidding! It tastes like apples. The green tomato mincemeat, I mean.

But, wow, did I ever have to adjust that recipe from Mother Earth News! This is the only time I’ve ever posted a recipe without making it myself first. (Note to self: Never do that again.) I was just excitedly dreaming about what to do with all these green tomatoes.

That recipe needed work. First of all, it didn’t taste good, and second of all, it only made a quart and a pint (not worth canning).

Then I fixed it. See my update here for what I can now testify is a truly yummy recipe, and get the updated printable version at Farm Bell Recipes. I see this as a deliciously different pie filling as well as on top of toast or ice cream or pound cake, etc. I bet it would be a really good sweet chutney to serve with pork, too.


  1. Miss Becky says:

    I have an old green tomato mincemeat recipe that I used years ago. It had lots of green tomatoes, apples, and spices in it and I canned quart after quart for the winter. Don’t know where I got it but it is delicious. Your recipe looks very good.

  2. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Well, this does sound VERY interesting as a chutney or else as something to slather over a pork roast in the slow cooker! (which I’m defrosting now for dinner tomorrow, but I’ve got cranberries to use for that. Still something to keep in mind for another day!

    I like a lot of the ideas in various Mother Earth News recipes, but yeah, I almost always have to adjust them a bit, or more than a bit!

  3. Debj1951 says:

    I once made mincemeat the old fashioned way, using a hogs head. It was not the most pleasant thing to do, and I wasn’t able to touch the mincemeat for several months as the visions kept coming back. It was delicious though when I finally got over the visual. The following year I saw the “Green Tomato Mincemeat recipe”. I substituted the tomatoes for the meat & used my recipe for the rest. It was really good & I was so shocked I couldn’t tell the difference. Certainly worth a try in my opinion. I made the mistake of buying a jar at the grocery store one time – it was terrible.
    Thanks for the reminder of the green tomato recipe!

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