Telephone Poles


I have telephone poles. I do not know why. They were here when I got here. In a couple fields, several poles. Robbie and Rodney started dragging them out tonight to make posts for the 16-foot gates I’m having delivered tonight.


  1. margiesbooboo says:

    Either 3 6′ posts or 2 8′.

    PS. My dh was very happy to point out that the bread-n-herbs retreat occurred during the weekend of the summer solstice.

  2. proud mountaineer says:

    Around here we use them for corner post on pole buildings and lean-to’s. And fence post.

  3. msmitoagain says:

    They make good fence posts, but they also make a good bottom for bridges. That’s what we have over our side creek.

  4. Cousin Mark says:

    You could learn a NO NO from the pictures You do not pull heavy items with the draw bar in the highest position or from the top link of a three point hitch as it tends to make the tractor rare up in the front.

    It is safer to keep draw bar lower and chain up shorter if you are picking up the pole’s ends to make them easier to pull and not plow ground.

    Yes you might get buy this way but it is chancy .

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