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Last week was an ordeal, emotionally and physically. At first, I couldn’t even talk (or write) about it because it was so overwhelming, then I needed to talk/write about it. I know so many of you have been through similar situations, and it was helpful to read your stories. I was afraid I’d never see Coco again, and I still find it hard to believe sometimes that she just showed up at the front door. There was the sweetest little old lady at a big cattle farm that I discovered on the other side of the ridge from my farm. I went to her door with a flyer. Her farm was one of the most likely locations where Coco might be spotted. There’s a lot of open pasture over there once you get down the ridge. She was so kind, if I’d stayed at her door another minute she probably would have invited me in for a cookie. She said, “We do love our dogs, don’t we?” And it’s true, dogs really get us in the heart. Anyone who’s had a livestock guardian dog also knows they are one of the very special kinds of dogs who truly take on responsibility for the whole family and all the animals that live there, so it’s terrible when you know they need your help for a change and you can’t help them. Not knowing is the worst. I know some of you have lost dogs and never seen them again. We lost Boomer that way. I feel so very lucky to have Coco back, and also so very fortunate to have so much support.

Me, still slobbering all over Coco on Sunday.

I’m sure she was wishing I would just stop choking her. I got really behind on my writing, and everything else, over the past week, so please bear with me as I try to catch up and get back on my usual schedule.

I also want to thank those of you who have helped to support my Kickstarter project. I’m at 69 percent! I’m starting to think I might actually make it. I’m hopeful!

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  1. djbrown says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again — Your back, Yah!!!

    I sure do hope thing settle down a little before you have to start on the kitchen. :snoopy:

  2. Diane says:

    How you manage to the ability to make me cry??? The photo is priceless. We do love our animals its crazy how deep that love goes.

    Thinking I will give my boys an extra hug to day for Coco since I cant hug her. 🙂 Again so glad she came home and pretty much OK. Prayers for a speedy recovery and she is home asap from the vet. 🙂

  3. Diane says:

    Boys as in my dogs. lol.

  4. wildcat says:

    What a sweet picture! :hug:

  5. Joell says:

    Suzanne, we are all so happy for you, your Family and Coco as well.
    I never had children only fur-babies, and each time they have had to leave us, it was such an overwelming time for me, I am such an animal lover and my heart is overly soft, I am told. When I read about Boomer, I was so upset for the longest time. I am so happy this time all of our prayers were answered.
    The one common link that all of your readers have is their love of animals, we all shared in your grief and then your happiness.

  6. hilljackgirl says:

    AT first when I read about Coco getting hit, I sobbed like a baby for you. But later that day I felt this peace come over me and I knew she would come back home to you. Seeing that picture of Morgan with her just melted my heart, I could actually feel all the love she felt for Coco. I am so happy she came home and is on the road to recovery. I had a great pyr growing up and she was the most gentle dog that we ever owned. She was so terrified of Moths, that’s right that big ole girl was so afraid of them. I still miss her to this day! So happy for you that you have your girl back! Looking forward to September to meeting you and everyone on your farm. Many hugs and love to Coco and Casper! :snoopy: 😀

  7. dklenke says:

    Out on the farm, our dogs mean everything to us.
    On the computer, our blog families grow to be very special. We share the joy, the pain and every emotion in between. I started following your blog because you wrote about the farm that I wanted mine to be like. I had never farmed before and you gave me courage to do something I had always wanted to do.
    Coco’s return brought so much joy and peace to so many of us. Love to you, Morgan and Coco. I hope she mends, soon.

  8. Pat says:

    We love our dogs; we love our Chickens in the Road! What a great family you’ve created for all of us. Lots of prayers for a healthy Coco, quiet on the farm, and success for all.
    Pat in Eastern NC

  9. Old WV Broad says:

    Suzanne wrote: I also want to thank those of you who have helped to support my Kickstarter project. I’m at 69 percent! I’m starting to think I might actually make it. I’m hopeful!

    Woman, you are going to make it.

    The question is how much might you be overfunded?

    You are at 70% right now, still more than halfway to go as far as time goes! Very happy for you. For Morgan. And for Coco.

    Be well,


  10. mschrief says:

    Oh Suzanne, you’ve been through so many changes in the last few months, you are a role model for us going through our own problems.

    I’m thankful that Coco has returned home and in fairly good condition. I lost (she passed away) my beloved Cavalier king Charles spaniel two years ago and I still have such a empty spot in my heart.

    I will wait three years to get another furkid, when I retire, so I can spend all day with her/him. Can’t wait.

    Give Coco a hug for me. Really.

  11. twoturkey says:

    :snoopy: So glad your giant puppy is back and going to be on the mend at the vet’s for a few days or week(s). It’s truly heart-wrenching when a pet is injured. My animals are cats and I’ve lost a couple in my day so know what you went through. Some I never got back and still don’t know where they are or what happened. That’s the hard part…the not knowing!
    Anyway….hope all goes well with her recovery and I am glad things are looking better for you….after all, spring is not far away and that will cheer us all up.
    Mrs. Turkey

  12. thistlewoodmanor says:

    I’m just waiting for my tax refund so I can help you out a little bit! I’ve been where you are and I just want to say, it does get better! I’m glad that I’m now blessed with a husband with a good job and I’m in the position to give rather than needing to recieve. It’s a good feeling.

  13. quietstorm says:

    {{{{huggs}}}} to you, Morgan & Coco….
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. whaledancer says:

    Back in the 70’s a couple of psychologists created a stress scale, with points assigned to various life stressors. I think you’re approaching the red zone. Take extra good care of yourself, please. A little more rest than usual, wholesome food, spending a little time watching your beasties, give Clover a cookie, whatever helps you to relax. Pamper yourself a little. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time, because getting sick takes more time. Even strong women need a little R&R sometimes.

  15. shirley T says:

    That photo of you hugging COCO tells it all. :hug: I sure hope she comes home from the VET soon.

  16. beforethedawn says:

    Love that photo of you and Coco. I hug our pyr all the time. It’s comforting too, because they are like a big teddy bear.

    Yay for 70% on Kickstarter! I reposted to FB and Twitter and will keep doing that. Wish I could pledge, but we might not even be able to pay the rest of our rent this month so we have not a penny to spare. I want to help you out though.


  17. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    God takes care of those in need….just saying :hug:

  18. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    one more thing…and it may seem out of place here but I want to share a story…
    My youngest son’s girlfriend has had a rough time of things in her life. She and my son have been together six months and prom is coming up. My three daughters (who are all grown and gone) wanted her to have the ultimate prom experience since when they were younger we moved mountains to make sure they had the best prom experiences. Middle daughter gave her the other $125.00 to pay for her dress (her dad had sent her half), youngest daughter bought her new shoes, oldest daughter has made her a hair appt and is paying to have her hair done. My job will be to help the son with his tux and her flowers and loan them my car (he drives a wreck of a truck!). The point of this story is to show that when people care about you they want to help in whatever way they can.
    You give so much of yourself to each of us by way of this blog and it is an honor when we are able to give back in some small way. God moves mountains…he can certainly build a studio…best wishes

  19. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I have to keep opening this post so I can look at the photo of you and Coco. It simply oozes love and I can practically feel her coat in my hands. Giver her another hug from all of us when you get in to visit her. :hug:

  20. gingergoat says:

    I know how you feel about Coco. Our Pyr is Buddy. One day we came home to find 3 dead chickens in the yard and a coyote in the barn with a broken back. Buddy was just laying there – not a scratch on him. I have no idea how many coyotes he fought off that day. He must have been fierce because no coyotes left with chickens. I hug Buddy many times every day.

  21. gingergoat says:

    PS. My heart goes out to you. I wish my money could go out to you, but we are struggling just to keep our farm. I so enjoy CITR and am so glad you are finally getting back to normal.

  22. Julia says:

    Laws and customs vary from state to state, but it seems to me that your neighbor’s car liability insurance might pay for Coco’s medical expenses. After all, she is valuable livestock (Yes I know, she is a member of the family, but still) and he was driving faster than he should.

  23. Claudia W says:

    I look at my fur/feather babies and think, “Heaven forbid I should lose any of them.” I am so very happy that Coco found her way home.
    That picture of you two, tear jerker…

  24. Barbee says:

    Suzanne, please listen to whaledancer. I have been thinking those same thoughts. You’ve had too many yellow flags on your playing field, they probably add up to a red flag. I hope it helps you psychologically, as well as, emotionally, to know we care about you, and yours, so much. Take a deep breath, and relax a little. You are doing great! A sequel to your new book sounds like a good idea. We who lived through all this with you would surely buy it just to have “the rest of the story”. Alf Wight, a.k.a. James Herriot, wrote several books about his experiences as the country vet. Gladys Tabor wrote several about life at Still Meadow. I can see you producing more than one.

  25. bonita says:

    CITR readers are a diverse group, yet have some important common values. Evidence of one common value is that not one CITR reader held the position, “It’s just a dog, for goodness sake!”
    I have never understood those people. They’ve completely missed one of God’s gifts to humans, the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog, [or cat, or goat, or cow, or. . . ] I too, hugged my furbaby a little tighter when I read of Coco’s disappearance and then again on her reappearance. thanks you for sharing your experiences with us.

  26. Laurie P says:

    I am so glad you got Coco back. It is nice to see that someone else loves their pets as much as our family loves ours.

  27. Angela P says:

    Like I have said before. This site is more than a blog. We are a family. When others hurt, we do as well. We send healing light. Where there is light so is love. I believe it was Ghandi who said you can tell a lot about someone as to how they treat animals. Im putting it into a nutshell, but same point. Dogs are our best friends for a reason. I have sooo many…a LLama that melts my heart, horses that take my breath away,ina good way…. a rooster that cracks me up. Ill stop. But you get my point. Glad and thankful things are looking good again.Keep going sista your going to make it! I just know you are!!!!

  28. Angela P says:

    I just had to share a quick animal love story. My youngest son Jake has a cat. Its his cat. Emily. She tells Jake when its time to go to bed as well as when its time to get up and be fed. One day we were doing hay and a screen door got left open. Emily was gone for 3 days. My son is not one to cry but he did for days until one morning she came home. And we all cried again.We understand the love of an animal. Im sooo glad Cocoa is home.

  29. Lajoda says:

    So glad for you and Morgan, not to mention Casper and Coco. Don’t forget to take her something with your scent on it for comfort. Maybe rub a little chicken poop on it for a real treat!

    Newbie here.

  30. silentgoddess says:

    This picture says it all!
    I am so happy for you, Suzanne. Now to just get Coco home all healed up from the vet’s office. Then you can spend all of your free time (HA! What is free time??) hugging on her some more.

  31. RuralGirl says:

    That picture of you and Coco just touches my heart! :heart:

  32. Ms.Becky says:

    we all wanted a happy ending to this story – the worst, worst, worst case scenario is an unknown ending. I do remember Boomer and that one broke my heart. I still have hopes, however slim, that he’ll show up one day, having found his little old way back to you. For now, let us rejoice in this fabulous news that Coco is safe and in good hands. :hug: :hug: :hug:

  33. bjo2298 says:

    GOSH!! I cried my eyes out when I read about the accident and search for Coco. Then I cried with happiness when Coco returned. I am saddened that he will have to be gone again so long but it is bearable in knowing he’s home. I’m not a crier ( but I cried when you lost the little lambs too)…. we all love our pets and have sad stories but we all have grown so close to yours too. Everyday they are in our lives through your blog so it makes them part of our families too. Thank you for sharing them with us…the good with the bad. I can’t get through my day without checking on all of you. Life goes on…..with a new day and a new adventure around the bend. Keep us posted.

  34. lavenderblue says:

    These pictures lately, they just capture your heart. Yesterday’s picture of Casper needs a caption. As in “Did you ever have one of those days?” Or a simple “WTF”…”What the Fudge” what did you think I meant??

    lifeisgood/Melinda, you have raised the most unselfish family I have ever heard of. Good on ya, as they say.

    All this love and sweetness on Valentine’s Day. I’m getting rather weepy. Guess I’ll go try to clean something…that will counteract all this syrupy goodness. 😉

  35. Lindsay says:

    I missed reading about most of your (and Coco’s) ordeal since I haven’t been on the computer much lately, but just wanted to say how glad I am for all of you that she came back and is mostly healthy! It must have been so horrible not being able to find her. I’m so happy to read that you have good, kind neighbors as well! And I’d bet after her experience, Coco is loving all the snuggles she’s getting. So glad she’s back with her family where she’s loved so much! :fairy:

  36. rileysmom says:

    How one treats animals tells soooo much about a person, as AngelaP pointed out. And we’ve all had similar experiences, so we know how much you hurt. We’re just so glad that Coco is back!

  37. Canner Joann says:

    I’m so curious…did you put out dirty clothes out for Coco to smell? It was such a good idea that I’ve never even thought of!

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Joann, I had set aside something dirty to take out there then it snowed on Saturday. I thought it would be better to not put it out when it was snowing like that, so I was going to put it out the next day — and then there she was Sunday morning at the door! I was definitely going to try it!

  38. Busy Solitude Farm says:

    Our connection with our pets holds us up when things get tough. We owe it to these beloveds to do all we can.

  39. princessvanessa says:

    In regards to putting out a well worn (covered with your scent) article of clothing to guide a lost animal back home. It works! When I was only 23 and moving into a rental house my cat escaped out the front door. I called and called but she didn’t come. I HAD to leave for a few hours to return the rental truck and a couple of other things. It came to me to put an old sweater on the front porch so my cat would know that that was our new home. When I returned she was sitting in the center of the old sweater waiting for me!

  40. gardnerh says:

    :heart: The other exciting thing is that Coco came home just in time to be your :heart: Valentine. :heart:

  41. brendaE says:

    I’m just so darn happy that Coco came back and I can’t wait until she gets to come home. I wonder if she thinks you have given her away or if she’s being punished. (Or he?) Anywho – I always project human thinking to animals — ha. We lost our little Ginger 3 months ago and I thought I’d cry the rest of my life. My heart broke in a million pieces and to this day I can’t talk about it without bawling. She was my granddog but I loved her more than life. My daughter’s hubby had her cremated and she’s in a little chocolate colored box on the mantle tied with a heart. I kiss it every time I go over there. Sweetest little thing ever so my heart broke all over when you were missing Coco. I swear I prayed that dog back to your door – me and every other fan on this blog. I can’t wait to see you hugging her again when she gets out of the hospital. Love the hug picture – that’s so sweet.

  42. Rainn says:

    Thought the pic of Morgan and Coco was the best!!-till this one……. Makes all our hearts happy!!

  43. Remudamom says:

    I know I’ve missed this somewhere, but what did the vet say? My sil has a pyrs that was hit, his hip was dislocated and never did set right, although he doesn’t seem to be in pain. She had a hard time finding a vet who could managed such a big dog.

  44. kdubbs says:

    Missed that post, Suzanne, even though I’ve been trying to keep tabs on Coco–thanks for redirecting!

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