But That’s Normal


People are always coming over and saying, “Your goats are out!”

“I let them out.”

Then they are so confused.


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  1. nanaK says:

    I read this post & the first thing I thought, was: You’ve found a way to mow the lawn !!

  2. joykenn says:

    nanaK–Exactly. I’m sure goat-mowing will be a new trend when folks discover it is non-polluting, renewable and nice and furry. 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    …not to mention the free, recycled greens that get distributed around the yard! Suzanne, I remember you liking how sheep “dot” in the field… goats almost do that – maybe more of a “meander about”? Either way, they look very charming and pastoral on your hillside. :clover:

  4. Joell says:

    I think I read somewhere a few months back where herds of goats were being used to keep some open green spaces “mowed”–mowed and fertilized at the same time, now thats progress—and being green!

  5. grandeb1956 says:

    Love your sense of humor! Just finished your new book! LOVED it! :snoopy:

  6. Claudia W says:

    We have people here who have herds of goats they rent out to mow fields. It’s the best way!
    Loved your book! My daughter wants to borrow it, but I am reluctant to let it go from me for even a minute!!!

  7. jodiezoeller says:

    I love to see the goats ‘mowing’ your lawn.

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