The Attack of the Tiny Giant


I was sitting on the back porch yesterday when this tiny spider slowly dropped down in front of me. I felt fascinated for a moment, just like when I was kid. I grabbed my camera, started trying to get a photo of it as it stopped, dangling in front of me, finally going still enough that I could get a shot. Then suddenly it lunged me!

And I was like OHMYGOD, I’M BEING ATTACKED BY A GIANT SPIDER!!!!!! And I nearly dropped my camera as I shoved my chair back and made a run for the house.

P.S. It looked bigger in person.


  1. emmachisett says:

    They are scary little(?)things, aren’t they? I’m not too worried about the skinny ones (maybe I should be), it’s the big bulbous ones that terrify me. Recently I found a spider in the petals of a peony that I was sniffing…it was pure white but had pink markings ~ perfect camouflage for its chosen home! Ain’t Nature grand?!

  2. Faith says:

    I tried to wipe it off the computer screen, that looks really weird and real on the screen.

  3. wildcat says:

    BAHAHAHAHA! Too funny!

  4. Maybeth says:

    I don’t do well around arachnids either, Suzanne! :no:

  5. Kristi C says:

    If I had been the one taking the picture, it would have been just a big blur from me getting the heck out of dodge! I don’t do bugs. I’ve come to realize the only thing I NEED a man around for is to get rid of the bugs.

  6. lattelady says:

    I don’t mind spiders. They are predators. I had one which must be the 50th generation of an aggressive house spider in my basement. I suspect he is a European aggressive spider, as he was larger than normal. One of the ancestors was here when we bought the house. I figured he was eating something, so left him alone. The family named him “Boris”. One evening DD had a boyfriend over and they were down in the family room, and I hear “DON”T! That is Boris!” Apparently boyfriend tried to assassinate poor Boris.
    Lost track of poor Boris maybe 5 years ago, but I sort of miss him.
    Have wiped out my fair share of black widows and brown recluse. But Boris was different. He was house trained. 😉
    Before you think my house looks like a barn, My DH was retired military and years of living on bases, I learned to keep my house white glove clean. Still is. I just had an unusual pet.

  7. ladybird_1959 says:

    That is a great picture! It looks like it’s on my screen. I had to do a double take.

  8. EMarie says:

    It probably thought you were a good post to attach its web to LOL I like taking pix of critters too. I’ve taken my fair share of all sorts of creepy crawlies along with the pets, blooms, rocks, fungi….etc. Did you go back and check on its web progress? (I know you must have. You have an inquiring mind.)

  9. Flowerpower says:

    I don’t do spiders or snakes. EVER!

  10. NancyL says:

    I grew up in FL – lots of bugs, spiders, snakes and chameleons. Mom would not let anyone kill spiders or snakes (unless they were poisonous) and we made pets out of the chameleons if we could catch them. Mom always told us the critters ate the bad bugs and mosquitos. My favorites were the Daddy Long Legs – used to let them walk all over me.

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. lesliedgray says:

    I would have wet my pants and broken a leg while trying to get away!! I HATE spiders!

  12. Dumbcatluvr says:

    I am deathly afraid of spiders. The other day, I went out to check the mail, and when I came back inside, my grandson was looking at me like he had seen a ghost. He gasped out “Mama, there’s a spider on your head”! I screamed and flailed at my hair, did all the old dances I learned in my youth(jitterbug, mashed potatoes, watusi, boogaloo,jerk,monster mash,and swim)until my grandson said “There it is on the floor”.I think it was more scared of me than I was of it, and was trying to get away from the crazy woman.It was killed speedily and his tiny carcass was analyzed to be a black widow.Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it was a spider, nonetheless. :shocked:

  13. SuzieQ says:

    There’s no such thing as a tiny spider!! I don’t mind snakes, but spiders are the things of my nightmares..

  14. saitisntso says:

    Little Sassy on Sassafras farm. :moo:

  15. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Our family doesn’t kill spiders much either, I don’t ‘like’ them, but they are good to have around to eat unwanted bugs. It’s also a bit of a superstition passed down from my Mother’s Mother that they are weavers and they help guard the home. It’s odd that it would be from that Granny because it’s the OTHER one who was the Gypsy! *shrug*

  16. Joell says:

    I DO NOT like spiders of any kind, we back up to a very large woods and have lot of trees etc. I swear I have seen some spiders that are big enough to pull a car out of a ditch! Good or bad, if I see them, they are going to that big web in the sky.

  17. hawkswench says:

    The spiders here and I have an agreement. Outside I let them live, inside they die!!

  18. nookworm says:

    I like to observe them and find them interesting but don’t want them crawling on me!

  19. bumblebee says:

    It almost looks like a “Garden Spider?” They are really nice! Did it have any yellow on it’s body? We had a big beautiful black and silver type spider outside on the step railing and while I tried to whisk it away to the weeds for safety… the dog ate it! :/

  20. auntie julie says:

    they would have heard me screaming for miles…..

  21. Astrid says:

    But spiders are friends! They eat the pesky mosquitoes! 8)

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