The Bad Baby Rides Again


I thought I’d see if the electric fence in Beulah Petunia-land would contain Glory Bee now.

The answer is NO.


  1. JOJO says:

    That little girl is a rebel filled with wander lust!!

  2. lizzie says:

    Out for a little cross country sking!

  3. judydee says:

    Maybe she was looking for Santa—wants to be a reindeer??


  4. Merino Mama says:

    Did you get her back in yet? Does she just bust through even though she’s getting shocked?

  5. Ramona says:

    Uh oh, not that bad baby!!!!

  6. Urbanite says:

    She’s a stubborn one! Has she learned to come to you yet or did you have to catch her again?

  7. wildcat says:

    Is she going under the electric fence, or just barreling through it and getting shocked?

    She’s so ornery! It’s a good thing she’s so CUTE! :reindeer:

  8. Miss Becky says:

    She may be the bad baby, but she’s adorable. :airkiss:

  9. Sheila Z says:

    Going to be tough to contain her. Once they learn not to respect fences you are in trouble long term.

  10. Lynne says:

    Just because she could! :sheepjump:

  11. patrice says:

    Never a dull moment with Glory Bee!

  12. Mary says:

    It wasn’t that long ago…but do you even remember life without her?

  13. Dena Martin says:

    We have a goat who if there is a break in the fence where he can sneak through, he will and the other will follow. Not too much of a problem except when they wander over to my husband’s antique cars and climb on top of one. LOL

  14. texwisgirl says:

    And she’s not even a teenager yet?! Miley Cyrus is a bad influence, I tell you…

  15. Melissa says:

    If you can, I’d love a better picture of her coat. It looks fluffy and fuller for winter but I can’t see too much.

  16. joycee says:

    oh Lord, and now you’ve got to run her down in the snow. Tell me again why you wanted a milk cow? Oh yes, the cheese is definately worth it! Wear extra socks and spank her when you catch her!

  17. Sheila says:

    She so cute, how can you be upset with her? Have a great holiday!

  18. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, not to Hex you, ( wouldn’t do that) but I have one that if there is a hole or possibility of that she will go out and eat and let you know the hole is there. Duh!!! We also have 3 inside a steady fence because they wouldn’t learn and their mothers are inside cows, and they are all bred. What do you thing I am up against now????
    I’m so glad you only have one! She is a cutie!!!

  19. paul says:

    I have a horse that never did take to being in a fence. I keep her up an only let her out in the round pen hard to do but I am scared that she will get hurt. I have had full size bulls hit the elec fence an go down to there knees but not this horse runs right through it.Cows seem to be able to smell if the electric is on so all ways keep it on (I know I will hear about the smelling by the cows)

  20. Senta Sandberg says:

    Tell that bad baby that she is lucky she doesn’t live in Montana. Cause there really are wolve here outside the fence. It is lucky she has such a nice big white Coco to protect her.

  21. Darlene in North Ga says:

    Oh, Heavens! First the kids and now the calf. lol
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! hahahahahahahaha Daughter with wild scissors, son with tattoos and a roaming calf. What next? Weston getting his nose pierced?

  22. Mermonster says:

    She is so freaking cute. Is it weird that I want to give her a hug everytime I see a picture of her? :cowsleep: :hug:

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